We were set up by Wolverhampton City Council as an Arms Length Management Organisation (ALMO) in 2005. Our main jobs were to get Decent Homes funding and to improve housing services. The result of a ballot was that over 80% of Tenants and Leaseholders, who voted, were in favour of Wolverhampton Homes. So a ten year agreement for us to manage, maintain and improve your homes was put in place.

That ten year agreement is due to expire in 2015 and the City Council would like to extend the agreement for another 15 years.

The Council has ambitious plans to continue to improve housing in the City, including providing more council and social housing. It wants to work with us and other housing providers to make best use of the housing stock, improve neighbourhoods and increase housing options.

The new 15 year agreement will offer greater opportunity for us to do this, by working together on new building projects and regeneration schemes. Fifteen years has been chosen because it matches the construction partnership to complete the final two years of the Decent Homes Project and continue to provide housing services in the City for the following 13 years.

The Council feels that continuing to work with us will best support the City’s housing plans in the future, but they want to hear your views.

How to respond

The Council (not Wolverhampton Homes) will make the final decision so please send your comments to Housing.Strategy@wolverhampton.gov.uk  by 5pm on Monday 25th March 2013.

Legal Stuff

  • No change is proposed to your rights or responsibilities as tenants or leaseholders
  • You will continue to be secure or introductory tenants, or leaseholders of the Council
  • We will manage, maintain and improve homes as we have done over the past eight years.
  • There will be no change to homes managed by Dovecotes TMO, New Park Village TMC, Springfield Horseshoe HC, Bushbury EMB and Wolverhampton Homes will continue to undertake all their current roles and responsibilities
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