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We’ve recently introduced some new changes to the eligibility criteria for 3 bedroom houses.

The good news is that if you’re a family with children of the same sex  - they now only need to share a bedroom until 15 (it used to be 16) and children of the opposite sex only need to share a bedroom until they are 9 (it used to be 10). 

A number of people have asked for this change and it means some people can now start bidding on 3 bedroom houses a year earlier.

But…if this does affect you then you need to think really carefully about whether you can afford it. If you’re of working age and receive housing benefit then it’s worth noting that the government’s criteria hasn’t changed (so for example, it’s still 16 and 10). If you move into a home a year early under our new criteria then you’ll be technically classed as ‘under-occupying’ so until the children’s (16th or 10th) birthdays – you’ll have to pick up the shortfall in the benefit you’re being paid.

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