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Is PSL right for me?

We offer a range of service options tailored to meet your needs. The FAQs below will answer some of the initial questions you may have. For anything else please contact us.


  • What kinds of properties will you consider?

    We are interested in flats, houses and bungalows within the Wolverhampton area. We are particularly interested in two and three bedroom properties. We are unable to consider studio apartments, high rise flats, flats above shops, or houses in multiple occupation such as student houses.

  • What happens after I have applied?

    After we receive your application and if it meets our criteria, we will arrange a visit to look at your property to make sure we feel it’s right for the scheme and conforms to the council’s acceptable standard.

  • What if my property needs remedial works?

    If we feel that any works are needed, we will let you know. We will also arrange a separate gas and electrical inspection. Again, we will let you know if we identify any problems.

  • Does my property need central heating?

    Your property will need to have suitable heating.

  • What equipment do I need to provide?

    You will need to have smoke alarms fitted in the entrance hall and on the first-floor landing. They should be hardwired, or if battery powered, they should have a sealed battery with a 10-year lifespan.

  • Do I need to provide white goods, furniture or floorcoverings?

    You do not need to provide white goods, though we will accept built-in appliances provided you retain responsibility for maintaining them. Floorcoverings do not need to be provided. Any carpets or other flooring should be clean and in a good condition. Kitchens, bathrooms and toilets should have non-slip flooring, preferably vinyl.

  • Does the property need to be decorated?

    The property should be decorated and free of any damp, mould, staining or wood rot.


  • Will I be responsible for ongoing repairs and maintenance?

    If we feel your property is of a good standard, we will carry out any routine repairs and maintenance for the duration of the lease. These repairs are rechargeable. The costs of repairs are set by a schedule of rates which include parts and labour.


  • Are there any other cost?

    We will provide your buildings insurance. This is charged at £100 per year. We will take the first payment when you sign your lease.

    There is a charge of £85 plus VAT for the inventory.

    We will carry out annual gas checks and regular electrical inspections.

  • What are my lease options?

    We can offer you a lease for between three and seven years, to suit you. At the end of the lease period, you may terminate the agreement or ask us to consider another lease term.


  • Will my property be well looked after?

    Our dedicated team will carry out regular inspections to make sure your tenants are taking good care of your property.

    We will carry out any repairs and if we feel the tenant is responsible for the damage, we will recharge them directly.


  • What happens if my property is mortgaged?

    You will need to provide evidence that you have written permission from your mortgage lender to lease your property to us.