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What is the Private Sector Leasing Scheme?+

The private sector leasing  scheme allows you to lease your property to Wolverhampton Homes for three to seven years. We will provide a full let and management service for your property.

What type of property is suitable?


We will consider flats, houses and bungalows in good repair within the Wolverhampton area. We have demand for 2 and 3 bedroom properties but will also consider 1 and 4 bedroom properties.

We are not interested in studio apartments, high rise flats, flats above shops and houses of multiple occupation (HMOs) such as student houses.

Why do Wolverhampton Homes need to inspect the property?


When we receive your application we will arrange a visit to inspect the property to ensure it is suitable for the scheme and meets the City of Wolverhampton's acceptable standard.

What happens if my property needs remedial work?


If remedial works are identified on the inspection we will let you know what these are and ask that these are completed in order for us to proceed with your application.

We will also arrange a gas and electrical inspection. Again any works identified will need to be completed before we are able to proceed.

Does my property need central heating?


All properties need adequate and suitable heating to be accepted on the scheme.  

Do I need to provide fire safety equipment?


As a minimum all properties need smoke alarms in the entrance hall and first floor landing. They should be mains powered or if battery operated the alarm should have a sealed battery with a 10 year life.

Will I have to supply white goods, furniture or floorcoverings with the property?


White goods are not required. If the kitchen is fitted with built in appliances, this is acceptable, however we would not take responsibility for the maintenance or replacement of these.

Floor coverings do need to be provided. Carpets or suitable flooring throughout which should be cleaned and free from tears. Kitchens, bathrooms and toilets should have non slip flooring preferably vinyl.

Does the property need to be decorated?


The property should be in good decoration, with attention being given to bad staining, peeling, and damage to plaster or torn paper.

There should be no damp or mould. Wood must be free of rot.

Where decoration is required this must be completed before the property is leased.

Will I be responsible for on-going repairs and maintenance?


Once the property is at an acceptable standard we will undertake all routine repairs and maintenance. All repairs are chargeable. The cost of these are determined by a set schedule of rates which include parts and labour for any given job. As an incentive to use our services we will offer a 20% discount.

Are there any other costs?


We will provide building insurance for your property. This is £95* per annum. The first payment will be taken on signing of the lease agreement.

There is also a charge of £65 (inclusive of VAT) for the inventory.

We will carry out an annual gas and regular electrical inspection.

How long is the lease period?


We offer you the choice of three, five or seven years. The length of lease is your decision. At the end of the lease period you have the option of terminating the agreement or entering into new negotiations with us to take on another lease term.

How can I be assured my property will be appropriately looked after?


We have a dedicated team who will carry out periodic inspections to ensure that the tenants are looking after the property.

All repairs will be carried out by Wolverhampton Homes and anything identified as tenant damage will be recharged to the tenant.

What happens if my property is mortgaged?


Your mortgage lender will need to agree for you to lease the property to us. We will require written permission from your lender. It is essential you provide this as we will not be able to enter into a lease agreement with you without this.

What is the process if I am interested in the scheme?


If you want us to manage your property for you, this is the process:

1.  Application

Complete the application form. 

2.  Initial Property Inspection

When we have received the application we will contact you to arrange an appointment to inspect the property. The appointment will take no longer than an hour.  

3.  Property Viability

The inspection will highlight any remedial works that would need to be completed before we consider a lease agreement. We will discuss the works with you complete a follow-up inspection to ensure all works are completed and to an acceptable standard.

4.  Letting Viability

We will carry out some market research on what rents would be achievable based on location and similar size and standards of properties. We would also look at demand for lettings in the area.

5. Gas and Electrical Checks

We will arrange for a Gas and Electrical inspector to visit the property to carry out checks and provide a certificate. Please note that if you do not go ahead with the lease agreement and would like a copy of the certificate, there will be a charge for this. If you sign up to a lease then you will not have to pay for these initial checks/certificates.

6.  Documentation

You will need to provide the following:

  • Photo ID
  • A Land Registry Title document and plan
  • Current Gas and Electrical Certificates if available
  • Written permission from mortgage lender to enter into a lease agreement
  • A completed landlord questionnaire 

7.  Final Inspection

This will need to be carried out to check that all remedial works if any have been carried out and to ensure that the property is clean and free from only rubbish. We will also carry out a full photographic inventory of the property and its condition.

8  Signing of the Lease

A lease agreement will be prepared and a meeting arranged with you to sign the lease.

9.  Keys

You will need to provide two sets of keys.

10.  Payment

You will also need to provide a cheque for the first year’s building insurance premium and gas/electric check charge and the bank account details for rental payments to be made to.

11. Lease and Confirmation

On signing of the lease you will need to make a payment for the annual building insurance.

You will need to complete a form to confirm account details for monthly payment of rents. Rent is paid monthly on arrears.

How do I express interest in the scheme?


Complete the application form: Landlord's Application Form


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