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Picture of the new concierge CCTV control room

We employ skilled and experienced concierge officers to provide various services on the high rise estates we manage. 

What we do on your estates 

  • Maintaining security through the use of CCTV, security door entry systems and patrols
  • Completing inspections to make sure communal areas are clean and free from all hazards, litter and rubbish
  • Regular cleaning of bin rooms and ensuring that rubbish chutes operate correctly
  • Doing some minor repairs.
  • Making investigations into complaints of anti-social behaviour and noise nuisance
  • Giving general customer service advice and support to tenants
  • In severe weather, clearing snow and ensuring that safe access to flats is maintained
  • Making sure concierge controlled estates are safe, secure and clean
  • Carrying out fire safety inspections on high, medium and low rise blocks of flats.

One major part of the Concierge work is carrying out the Fire Safety Inspections. This makes sure that you live in a clean, safe and secure environment. This inspection checks:

  • lighting
  • fire exit doors
  • signage
  • door entry systems
  • bin rooms
  • lifts
  • refuse chute rooms
  • meter cupboards 
  • that the communal areas are clear of rubbish and spillages
  • that the outside of the blocks are kept clean and tidy. 

In a year the Concierge Service will complete 17,676 fire safety inspections for the residents’ safety.

The control room will deal with a further 15,000 calls on average from the door entry system every month. They also deal with around 1,000 incidents a month, which include issues such as anti-social behaviour, providing evidence for the police, programming fobs, dealing with tenancy breaches, noise nuisance complaints and responding to residents requests. 

The Concierge Service can be contacted 24 hours a day, seven days a week on 01902 552976.

CCTV and Door Entry Systems on your Estate

Cameras are monitored 24/7 - every day of the year including Bank Holidays. The Door Entry Systems are also monitored 24/7 from the same Control Room, so you will get a prompt response to your calls.

Please be assured that the Concierge Service will be there for you. The cameras are positioned in the high rise ground floor foyers, lifts and generally around the estate looking at the exits, entrances and the communal areas. There are also speakers positioned in areas to allow us to talk to residents and their visitors if we need to.

When we see something of an illegal nature or an activity which breaks the tenancy agreement then we will take action against those people. We also provide CCTV images to the police to help them with their enquiries.

Got a comment or a query about our cctv service? Please get in touch.


To help us maintain your security please do not let in cold callers or people you do not know. Please make sure the entrance doors close behind you to stop "tailgaters" entering the building.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I live on an estate where there is CCTV; my car has been damaged can I look at the CCTV?
A. For any crime or criminal activity please contact the police, tell them there is CCTV on your estate and ask for a crime reference number. The police can then contact us for any the CCTV footage.

Q. I need to contact the Concierge Service on my estate, how do I do that?
A. Please use the intercom provided in your flat to contact the Control Room who will be available to deal with your enquiry.

Q. How do I get rid of some bulky items?
A. Please contact the Control Room who will be able to direct you to the appropriate service or visit the bulky waste webpage.

Q. Why do I not always see the CCTV cameras moving?
A. Due to new technology not all of our cameras have to physically move to capture images.

Q. Can you tell me what the Concierge do on my estate?
A. Every estate has their own service standards. You can download the service standards from the list below.

Our Service Standards

Concierge Control Room

Boscobel and Chetton Green

All other estates

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