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Festive Fire Safety 🎄

Christmas Tree Low Res

Your safety is our priority. To help you to stay safe at home this season, follow our top fire safety tips.

Christmas trees

  • Real Christmas trees can become a fire risk if they dry out. Keep them watered, however, keep the water away from lights and cables.
  • Check that your festive lights are in good condition. If they need replacing, LED sets are the safer option.
  • Don't leave your Christmas tree lights, or any other lights or powered decorations, switched on when you go out or go to bed.


  • Please manage alcohol consumption sensibly before or during cooking.
  • Never leave a cooker unattended when it’s in use. Always remember to watch what you 'heat'!
  • Please avoid trailing electrical leads and cables in the kitchen.


  • Always keep candles out of reach of children and pets, and away from flammable curtains and decorations, or anywhere they may get knocked over.
  • Where possible, swap your candles for an LED alternative. They don't get hot and there's much less risk of fire.
  • Place burning candles at least three inches apart so they don't melt into one another or create draughts. This may cause the candles to flare.

Test your fire alarms at least once a week! #TestItTuesday

Do you know your escape plan in the event of an emergency? Learn more on our fire safety pages.

For more fire safety advice during the festivities, please visit West Midlands Fire Service's website. Last but not least for those celebrating, we're wishing you a safe and happy holidays! 🎅