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New ‘Pesky Blighters’ fly tipping campaign launches in Spring

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Press release from the City of Wolverhampton Council dated 19 March 2021

Fly tippers who blight the environment and local area are the subject of an additional council campaign called Pesky Blighters. It will be launched in Spring and has been created to help catch those who dump rubbish illegally.

The campaign title is a play on words using the popular West Midlands-based crime TV series Peaky Blinders. The Pesky Blighters campaign involves CCTV images of people fly tipping, which will be shared on the council’s social media platforms so residents can help to identify the culprits and bring them to justice. Those who give information that helps to catch fly tippers will receive £100 (in the form of a voucher) out of the fine issued if the culprits are successfully prosecuted.

The Pesky Blighters campaign is part of the Shop a Tipper programme. Full details of the campaign will be issued on the council’s website and social media channels when its launched in Spring.