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Working together to beat Covid-19

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As part of the government's Covid-19 winter response plan, they're encouraging landlords and residents to work together to ensure good ventilation within customers' homes.

Maintaining good ventilation at home can help remove small Covid-19 particles from the air, which in turn reduces transmission of the virus. In fact, it's believed that regularly letting in fresh air for just ten minutes can reduce the risk of infection by as much as 70%. It can also help prevent condensation, dampness and mould growth.

What you can do

  • where possible, open your windows for just ten minutes each hour to let fresh air in
  • when you have visitors, let in as much fresh air as possible
  • if someone in your household is self-isolating, ensure their room is well ventilated by opening a window, and keep doors closed to reduce the risk of transmission. If they need to use shared spaces in your home, ensure those spaces are well ventilated
  • ventilation can be increased in bathrooms and kitchens through the use of extractor fans
  • report faulty trickle vents and extractor fans straight away so these can be repaired quickly

We understand that some people may be reluctant to open windows and vents regularly during the winter months, especially given the current fuel crisis and rising energy costs.

It shouldn't be a choice between ventilating your home and staying warm - if you're struggling to stay warm at home, or have concerns about your energy bills or other debts, please get in touch so we can offer you tailored advice and support.

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