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What can you do?

You can take steps to protect your financial future. We will be contacting tenants who are most likely to be affected, but in the meantime here are some helpful tips you can follow:

Get Advice

Find out how you and your family will be affected, contact us and talk to our Money Smart Team.

Check your options

Make sure you are receiving the correct benefits and that your details are up to date. Contact Housing Benefits at Wolverhampton City Council. Investigate what options are open to you - for example, could you move to a smaller property to save money? Could you reduce your outgoings in any other way? Could you increase your income through work? Could a grown up child contribute more financially to the household?

Calculate your benefits

Wolverhampton City Council have a custom benefits calculator that gives you an estimate on the housing benefit you could expect to get. The estimates are based on the information you supply to give you an idea of your potential entitlements.

Directgov also offer a benefit calculator to help you to get an estimate of how much your Housing Benefit could be reduced by if you exceed the level of the benefit cap.

Reduce your outgoings

Make your home and appliances as energy efficient as possible. Visit our energy management webpages to learn more about how you can be more energy efficient and what we can do to help you.

Arrange Payments - Stay and Pay

You will need to arrange to pay your own rent. You can open a bank account and have your benefit paid into your account and your bills paid by Direct Debit.

Move to a Smaller Home  

We can help you do this. If you decide to move to a smaller home:

Savings and Payment Plan

You can start a savings account with the local Credit Union Wolverhampton City Credit Union to help you build up a cushion or you can start over-paying your rent so you build up credit little by little. You can even carry on paying rent over the rent free weeks that we have at Christmas and at the end of March to help build credit.

If you are already in arrears, even by a small amount, contact us straightaway to arrange a payment plan.

Avoiding Debt

Pay off (or reduce) all debt by the time the changes come in. Avoid taking on new debt.

Avoid Loan Sharks and Unauthorised Loans

Do not get tempted to use a loan shark or anyone who comes to your door to offer to lend you money. It might seem like the answer to your prayers at the time but it will get you into even more trouble in the future. Contact the Illegal Money Lending Team for advice about illegal money lenders and loan sharks and if you are thinking about a loan, speak to Wolverhampton City Credit Union.

Contact Us

We know these changes can seem complicated. We want to make sure you know all you need to know to make good decisions for your future. Please contact us to set up a meeting to discuss what you can do.

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