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Picture of an estate manager and 2 tenants on an estate inspection

Everyone who takes part in an Estate Inspection will receive a copy of the action plan and information on the score/rating for the area. 

How we rate your estate

We rate estates based on the number and type of issues we find. An estate with no isses receives a score of 0. When scoring an estate we consider:

  • Litter
  • Graffiti
  • Vandalism (this includes abandoned vehicles)
  • The condition of hard landscape (e.g. fences, walls and paving)
  • The condition of soft landscape (e.g. trees, grass, shrubs in communal areas)
  • Breaches of tenancy agreements
  • Dirt/pollution.

The score will then be turned into a rating from A to D:

  1. Scoring 0-3: The area is in an excellent condition, with very few issues
  2. Scoring 4-10: The area is in a good condition, with a limited number of issues
  3. Scoring 11+: The area is in an average condition, with numerous issues outstanding
  4. The area is in a below average condition, with a large number of issues discovered in the evaluation.

When we visit your estate

How often we visit your estate depends on the estate rating, this allows tenancy officers to spend more time visiting estates with the most issues.

  • Estates in an excellent condition are visited annually.
  • Some estates that are rated as good are visited twice a year, others are visited quarterly if they have more issues.
  • Estates that are in an average condition are visited quarterly.

The interval of estate inspections may change depending on the rating given at the last visit.

Estate Inspection ratings

Contact us to find out the latest rating for your area. 


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