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This page will update you about the work taking place on the Heath Town Estate.

Regeneration Update

City of Wolverhampton Council, property developers and Wolverhampton Homes will be working around the estate delivering regeneration and development works. The works will take between three to four years to complete.

City of Wolverhampton Council,will be delivering around 350 new homes; these will be a mix of council housing and houses for sale. This will provide exciting opportunities for local residents to buy their homes. 

City of Wolverhampton Council is working with DSM Demolition to carry out the demolition work at Chervil Rise. This includes the demolition of the old shopping precinct including the shops, the health centre, the sports hall and gym facilities, and two of the deck-access blocks – blocks 172-206 and 220-228. 

Once the demolition is complete it will make space for new housing. An Outline Planning Application has been submitted and approved for the new homes that will be built across the estate. Next, we’ll be designing detailed applications for each area of new development which will be shared with you before they are submitted. The planners will also consult on the proposals before any decisions are made.

We would like to reassure you that all the new homes being built will have enough car parking for the new residents’ vehicles.

Once the demolition at Chervil Rise is complete, there is no more demolition planned for the estate.

The work taking place at Heath Town will provide:

  • Upgraded sports pitches in the middle of the estate;
  • A new play area and ‘green gym’ next to the existing sports pitches;
  • Two new play areas; one on Hobgate Road and one at the back of Hawthorne House;
  • The transformation of the green field at the end of Grosvenor Street into a small football pitch. 

While the demolition and housing development works are taking place, Wolverhampton Homes will be carrying out improvements to the existing blocks to complement the new housing on the estate. We’ve provided details of this work below:

What’s new for the deck-access blocks?

The deck-access blocks will be the first to be refurbished. Work has already begun to replace the screens and front doors to each home. The improvements to these blocks will also include:

  • New UPVC windows;
  • new coverings to the walkways;
  • new coverings to the balustrades and the ceilings along the walkways;
  • new external cladding to the blocks and the stair-towers;
  • improved security with CCTV to walkways, stairs and the entrances of the blocks;
  • new secure entrances into each block with a door-entry intercom system that is linked to each property;
  • new mono-pitch roofs to each block.

We will also be removing the walkways that link the two blocks either side of Chervil Rise and the two Hobgate Road blocks, as they are in a very poor condition. The removal of these ‘link-bridges’ will provide a more secure environment for these blocks, as visitors will only be able to enter through the new secure main entrance doors.

Work has started on the blocks in Wednesfield Road and Lincoln Street. We will then move onto the blocks on Hobgate Road, then Chervil Rise (1-225), before moving around the remaining deck-access blocks on the estate.

What’s happening with the high-rise blocks?

The hugh-rise blocks across the estate are almost 50 years old. We are putting designs together for how we might improve them. We hope that we’ll be able to start this work within the next two years. These improvements will include:

  • Installing new external cladding;
  • a new entrance to each block;
  • new fire doors and screens to each landing;
  • and new flooring to each landing.

Brockfield House, Campion House and Longfield House already have some external cladding which was installed in the early 1990s, but this is coming to the end of its life, so it will need replacing. These blocks will also be having new kitchen and living room windows on the north and south sides of the block. The windows on the east and west sides were renewed in 2009.

Tremont House, Lincoln House, Ling House, Red Oak House and Hawthorne House will be having new windows fitted throughout.

How will car parking be affected?

Some of the car parking on the estate will be lost while the demolition work is underway. In the meantime, the site of the former Duke of York pub will be made available for temporary parking by residents. Wolverhampton Homes will also make sure that the car park has the benefit of CCTV surveillance for your security. A second site is being prepared next to United Living’s compound site. Both sites will be ready for parking within the next few weeks.

Though the creation of new housing on the estate will mean the loss of some of the existing car parking areas, there are plans to create new parking on the estate.

Is this work going to be safe?

The works taking place at Heath Town will see rain-screen cladding fitted to the blocks.

We’re pleased to confirm, and want to reassure residents, that the rain-screen cladding will be made of a non-combustible material and surpasses standards set by Building Regulations.

Your safety is of the highest importance, which is why as an extra measure, we commissioned an independent fire safety specialist to review the materials we were proposing to use. The specialist has confirmed that these materials are safe and will not pose any risk to residents in the event of a fire.

What’s happening with the play areas?

The children’s play equipment in Heath Town has been removed as it was no longer safe. We know how much the play areas mean to local families and so we will be providing new play areas on the estate.  

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