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Our dedicated Concierge team carry out inspections of communal areas in tower-blocks every single day, checking for anything that may pose a potential fire risk.

These checks cover eight main areas. They are:

  • Dry risers and meter rooms: they check these to ensure there's no damage to the doors that might mean they're unable to contain fire and smoke to the required standard. They will also check that the dry risers are in working order so that the fire service can quickly connect their hoses in the event of an actual fire.
  • Fire doors to lift lobby areas: they will check to make sure the doors aren't damaged and that they're fit to withstand fire and smoke.
  • Communal areas and landings: the Concierge team will remove anything that might be a potential obstruction in the event of a fire, such as plant pots, bikes and rubbish.
  • Stairwells: as above, they will check to make sure there isn't anything that might obstruct anyone trying to escape from the building. They will also check that the windows are able to open and close securely, and will report any repairs that are needed.
  • Bin rooms: here, they will check the spinkler systems and make sure the doors are in a good state of repair.
  • Chute rooms: they will check that the doors and chute hoppers are working correctly, and clear any rubbish or debris that may be blocking the chutes.
  • Lifts: they will check the CCTV cameras, ensuring that they can be operated from the control room. They will also check that the lift control panel is working correctly and that the lift is able to go up and down to all floors.
  • Door entry system: they will check that the main doors and CCTV are working properly. 

In addition to the above, the Concierge team will keep a lookout for anything in or around the building that poses a fire risk, has the potential to accelerate the spread of fire or hinder escape from the building in the event of a fire. Any fire safety-related issues are dealt with within 24 hours, if not sooner. 

Help them to help you

It's important that the fire service are able to respond quickly and efficiently to reports of fires within our blocks. West Midlands Fire Service have checked every tower-block we manage and are confident that they're able to get their fire engines and any large equipment in and out in good time. 

In line with our commitment to fire safety, we'll be making some improvements to a couple of our blocks to improve access for emergency vehicles. 

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