Believing in accessibility for all

Giving something back

We are more than just a landlord and recognise the importance of supporting our customers and our communities, and of giving something back. There is already lots of fantastic work going on across the city that we will continue to support and strengthen. And as we work with the City of Wolverhampton Council to Relight the City following the Covid-19 pandemic, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and the work of our Community Development team has never been more important.

We are committed to working with customers, colleagues across the organisation and our partners to deliver on our mission of helping people to get on in life. And in doing so we aim to:

  • empower customers to have a voice that is listened to and is representative of our entire communities
  • increase our engagement with customers and communities
  • increase customer satisfaction
  • enhance community spirit and wellbeing
  • improve the quality of life within our communities
  • deliver increased value for money

We are developing a new CSR strategy based on feedback from customers, colleagues and partners across the city, and look forward to sharing this with you soon.