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Payment options

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to pay your rent and other charges. We have a variety of payment options available. Before you start, you will need your payment reference number. For rent, this is the eight-digit reference that you were given when you signed your tenancy agreement and received your keys, for example, 6002769F.

  • Online

    You can pay online anywhere using your smartphone, tablet, or computer. You just need to be connected to the internet and have your debit or credit card handy.

    Make an online payment

  • Direct Debit

    Debit Debit is one of the easiest ways of paying your rent and other charges. With a Direct Debit, your payment is taken directly from your bank account on an agreed date each week or month. This helps you to keep track of what you’re spending and reduce the chance of falling behind.

    We can offer you a Direct Debit for any of the following Wolverhampton Homes charges:

    • rent on your home or garage
    • tidy garden scheme
    • recharge repairs
    • fencing charges
    • charges for a new driveway hard standing
    • court costs
    • home contents insurance
    • services charges if you are a leaseholder

    We can also offer you a range of payment dates.

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    Complete a Direct Debit form

    If you are a leaseholder and want to pay by direct debit, you can download the below form to get you started.

    Direct Debit form for Leaseholders

  • By phone

    You can pay over the phone using our secure payment line on 0800 180 4464. This number is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all year round.

    Phone payments are not credited to accounts until the next working day. This means that you will need to make your payment on a Thursday if you want it to reach your account that same week. Phone payments made on a Friday will not be credited to your account until the following week.

  • Standing Order

    You can pay your rent and service charges by standing order. You will need to set this up with your bank and they will make a regular payment for you on the date you agree.

    You will need to ask your bank to send the money to:

    Wolverhampton City Council
    Account: 44470304
    Sort code: 56 00 69

    You will also need to quote your payment reference number.

    For rent, to work out how much you need to pay monthly, multiply your weekly rent by 52 and then divide it by 12. For example, if your weekly rent was £100, your monthly rent would be £433.34.

  • In person

    You can pay your rent and other charges at the Post Office or by PayPoint using your customer payment card. Your payment can take up to seven days to reach your account.

    Request a customer payment card