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Gardens and trees

We look after the routine maintenance of communal gardens on our estates. If your home has a private garden, you should take care of it by keeping it tidy, mowing any lawns, and trimming hedges. If you're finding it hard looking after your garden, we have a tidy garden scheme which could help you.

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Communal gardens

We look after all communal gardens shared between council tenants. Our partner, Continental Landscapes, mow lawns, cut hedges, and tend to shrub beds on our behalf. 

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Tidy Garden Scheme 

We offer this service exclusively to Wolverhampton Homes tenants and leaseholders who would like help looking after their garden. If you need help with regular weeding and mowing your lawn, or just a one-off session to get your garden trimmed and tidy, our friendly team can help. 

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Keeping neighbourhoods clean and tidy

Our teams work very hard to keep neighbourhoods looking their best, by tending to communal gardens, litter picking, and clearing away discarded items. However, we can't do it on our own.

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Tending to trees without the proper knowledge, skills and tools can be dangerous and may be a breach of your tenancy. Please contact us to get consent before cutting down any trees or large branches.

You should not plant any trees or large shrubs within 10 metres of your home.

  • You should report trees to us if:
    • it is dangerous, dead, diseased or causing damage to your home
    • the base of the tree, its roots or the land surrounding it, is visibly moving
    • there is a large split on any part of the tree
    • there are large holes at the bottom of the tree, possibly with crumbling wood
    • damage has been caused by bad weather
    • the tree or its roots are blocking or causing a hazard on pathways
    • specialist treatment is needed to control or remove growth, for example, Japanese Knotweed
    • the branches are blocking streetlights or road signs
    • the roots are causing damage to drainage systems or the building's structure
    • it’s causing interference to your television, satellite or telephone lines

    We will only maintain trees in gardens of council homes if one or more of the above conditions apply.

    If none of the conditions apply, the tenant is responsible for maintaining the tree themselves.

  • Japanese Knotweed

    Japanese Knotweed can be a very aggressive weed. It is a tall fast-growing plant, with bamboo-like stems and small white flowers. It begins to grow in early spring and can grow in any type of soil.

    If you think you have Japanese Knotweed in your home or garden, please  get in touch. 

    Japanese Knotweed