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Heath Town

Planned improvement projects

We manage a large city-wide programme of planned maintenance and improvement works to keep our properties safe and comfortable to live in, and a rear fencing programme to replace and improve fencing to thousands of homes.

Improvement works

We manage a large city-wide programme of planned maintenance and improvement works to keep our properties safe and comfortable to live in. We have multiple projects running at any one time, working with our construction partners United Living and Wates on everything from roofing to heating and fire safety improvements. The current programme runs until 2028 and will deliver more than £40 million worth of improvements for our customers this year alone. 


High-rise infrastructure

This is an ongoing programme of fire safety improvement works, currently covering our high-rise blocks at Heath Town and Merry Hill, with Graiseley internals started in 2022. Residents benefit from a range of improvements including sprinklers, fire doors and upgrades to electricity and water systems to improve safety and reliability. Where external wall insulation and windows are included as part of the works, residents will also benefit from improved energy efficiency.


City-wide roofing

We continue our programme of roof replacements to numerous houses across the city and further surveys will be carried out to establish where roof replacements are required. We are also replacing the flat roofs to blocks at Boyden Close and Frost Street, Ettingshall.

City-wide heating

This is a five-year programme which started in the autumn of 2021, across more than 2,500 properties. We will be upgrading and replacing boilers and renewing heating systems to keep homes warm, comfortable and energy efficient.


Kitchen and bathroom replacement

This programme started in 2021, covering the updating and replacement of kitchens and bathrooms following on from the large-scale Decent Homes project several years ago. For kitchens the work will include new base and wall units, worktops, sinks and taps, and for bathrooms a matching white bath, hand basin and toilet. Some properties will also be due for rewiring of electrics which will also be completed under this programme.

The programme started with homes that are managed by Bushbury Hill EMB and continue in Wolverhampton Homes properties across the city, over the next five years. Surveys will be carried out to establish the extent of works required to individual properties and we will notify customers in advance when appointments can be made.


Heath Town development

We are now more than four years into the Heath Town transformation programme which has seen homes fitted with new energy-saving and noise-reducing double glazing and enhanced fire safety measures to the deck access properties. Following consultation with customers CCTV and improved lighting have been installed in communal areas. The cladding to the deck access blocks, while fully compliant with all fire safety regulations, was also replaced with a new system in order to increase energy efficiency and reduce future disruption for customers.

Works began during the summer of 2021 on the high and medium rise blocks across the estate, providing fire safety measures including the introduction of sprinkler systems. The blocks will have all windows replaced and an external wall insulation system will be installed to improve the thermal efficiency and help to reduce fuel costs for our customers.

Residents in Heath Town have also benefited from the creation of new parking areas, green spaces, play areas and sports pitches, and the area will also see the development of more than 100 new homes.