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Mutual exchange

If you’re a secure tenant, you may want to consider swapping homes with another secure tenant. This is known as a mutual exchange.

A mutual exchange can take place between two or more secure council tenants, or between a council tenant and a tenant of a registered social housing provider.


Finding a swap

If you know another secure tenant who is looking to move, you may want to discuss the possibility of swapping homes with them. If they agree, you should apply for a mutual exchange. You must not swap homes without our consent as this would put both parties in breach of the tenancy agreement.



Homeswapper is a free online exchange service, where you can advertise your home and search for a swap.

Learn more about Homeswapper


Homes direct

This is another exchange service, but they charge a registration fee.

Learn more about Homes Direct


Other ways to find an exchange

You can ask friends and family if they know anyone who is looking to swap homes. There are also lots of groups on Facebook which have been set up to help people to advertise and search for homes. In Facebook, search words like council, exchange and home swap. If you choose to search for a swap using this method, please think carefully before giving your address or swapping contact details with people you do not know.

When you have found a swap, you will need to fill in a form to apply for the mutual exchange. Please note, all households involved in the exchange must each complete a separate application form.

Apply for a mutual exchange.

We will acknowledge receipt of your form within ten working days. We’ll need to complete some general checks before we can authorise the swap. It can take up to 42 days for us to complete these checks and make a decision.

If agreed, we will ask you to sign some paperwork and let you know when you can legally move home.

If you are behind with your rent or owe any other money to Wolverhampton Homes or the council, we may have to refuse the exchange. If you’re struggling with money, please let us know.

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How soon after becoming a tenant can I swap?

Only secure tenants can exchange homes, so you will need to have been a tenant for at least 12 months.

What size home can I have?

You will be able to swap for any home you are eligible for. Different landlords will have different criteria, so you would need to check with them before agreeing to a swap.

Will I have the same tenant rights if I swap?

The terms of your tenancy may change if you swap homes. You should check what your rights and responsibilities will be before agreeing to a swap.

What should I do if I have forgotten my Homeswapper password?

You can retrieve your password on the Homeswapper website

How long will my Homeswapper membership last?

Your membership has no expiry date. You can cancel it yourself, or if you do not sign into Homeswapper for over three months, your account will automatically be closed.

Is there anyone who can support me with my mutual exchange application?

Yes, if your tenancy is managed by Wolverhampton Homes your Tenancy Officer can support you with your application. If your tenancy is not managed by Wolverhampton Homes please contact your landlord or managing agent for support.