Believing in accessibility for all


Our performance  

In order to make sure we’re delivering the quality of services you expect from us, we collect lots of information about how we’re performing. We do this to measure how we are getting on against similar organisations as we look to constantly develop and improve our services. 

We’re committed to:  

  • using feedback to develop and improve what we do 
  • delivering quality services to our customers on time, every time  
  • listening and responding to the changing needs and expectations of our customers  
  • updating the skills and expertise of our staff as needed to do their jobs effectively  
  • reviewing and improving our systems and procedures to ensure effective service delivery 

Annual report

It’s been another busy year for us at WH. Our annual report for 2019 to 2020 shows you how we have performed, as well as some of the things we’ve been up to, both out in communities and behind the scenes.


Customer feedback

We are committed to working with customers to make improvements which benefit you.