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Faults with neighbouring homes

Wolverhampton Homes’ Repairs and Maintenance Policy sets out target timescales for most day-to-day repairs to customers’ homes. Sometimes, faults with neighbouring homes, which are not under the management of Wolverhampton Homes, affect our properties and tenants. In these circumstances, our service standards do not apply. It is normally the responsibility of the neighbour or their landlord to resolve the problem.

Wolverhampton Homes has no right of access to homes not under its management. If the fault is serious and makes your home uninhabitable (typically affecting two or more rooms) or it creates a serious safety hazard, you may be offered temporary accommodation until your home can be made safe.

Wolverhampton Homes’ officers will take responsibility to inform the neighbouring household of the fault and request they complete the repair in a reasonable time. Officers will monitor the situation. We will keep you informed of progress and when the repair is likely to be completed.

Occasionally, some neighbouring households do not respond satisfactorily to our requests. Wolverhampton Homes will make all reasonable attempts to resolve the issue affecting our tenants, which may include legal action being taken against the neighbouring owner occupier or landlord.

Home contents insurance

To protect your furniture and other personal belongings from fire, theft, flooding, or other unexpected events, including losses caused by neighbouring homes, we strongly recommend that you get home contents insurance.