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Tenancy breaches

Your tenancy agreement outlines your responsibilities as a tenant of Wolverhampton Homes. They form part of the terms of your tenancy, and most of them are common sense, such as taking care of your home, paying your rent on time and being respectful to your neighbours and our staff.

If for any reason you do not uphold the terms outlined in your tenancy agreement, you will be in breach of your tenancy. If this happens, we will talk to you about the breach and advise you on what you can do to put it right. If you are struggling with your tenant responsibilities, we will also help and support you to manage your tenancy.

In most cases, tenancy breaches are easily resolved. However, if you ignore our advice or continue to breach your tenancy, we may have to take legal action which could include:

  • issuing you with a Notice of Seeking Possession if you are a secure tenant, or a Notice of Possession Proceedings if you are an introductory tenant
  • demoting your tenancy, meaning that you will lose some of the rights granted to you as a secure tenant
  • applying to the courts for an injunction
  • asking you to give up your tenancy or applying to the courts to repossess your home

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Mutual respect

We want you to be happy in your home and to enjoy a long and successful tenancy. If you do find yourself in breach of your tenancy, please work with us to put it right.

A condition of your tenancy is that we treat each other with respect. This means you and our staff should feel comfortable talking to each other without fear of violent, threatening, abusive or discriminatory behaviour. If you breach your tenancy by acting in this way, you risk losing your home.

We keep a record of potentially violent and aggressive customers. Details of any incidents may be recorded and shared with other organisations like our contractors, the council or the police.

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