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We will always consult with you before carrying out any major works or improvements to your property, building or estate for which you are expected to pay a contribution of £250 or more.

In these instances, the law outlines a formal consultation process:

  1. we will send you a letter, in which we will give you 30 days to put your questions, comments or concerns in writing. You may also be invited to nominate a contractor to carry out the works. If they fulfill our criteria, we may then ask them to provide a competitive quote
  2. we will write to you again once a contractor has been appointed, in which we will provide more detail about the works, including the total costs and your financial contribution. In this letter, we will give you a further 30 days to put your questions, comments or concerns in writing
  3. we will take some time to consider your comments before starting any work, which will not begin until after the end of the consultation period
  4. once the works have been completed, inspected and all the contractors have been paid, we will send you an invoice for your financial contribution

In addition to the above, we will also arrange or attend meetings where applicable, to give you as much detail as possible and to give you the opportunity to ask us any questions you may have in person.