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If you want to take part in an estate inspection with your tenancy officer, you can check the dates by finding your area in this list.  You will be able to see the improvements taking place as a result of your involvement.

Find your tenancy officer.


Street List













Meeting Place

Low Hill South

Foster Rd
Guy Ave
Luce Rd
Millington Rd
Fourth Avenue (20-80; 29-39)
Broome Rd
Hawksford Cres
Fifth Ave (94-114; 113-123)
Garage Site - Foster Road 

24th Jan 10am



25th Apr 2pm



4th Jul 10am



17th Oct 2pm



Meet at Low Hill Police Base Fifth Ave


First Ave
Simpson Grove
Goodyear Ave(19-58; 22-80)
Kendrick Rd
Simpson Rd
Sharman Rd
Park Lane



6th Mar 10am





13th Aug 2pm





Meet at First Ave shops, corner of Guy Ave

FOS & Friends

Fourth Ave (86-120; 41-77)
Second Ave
Little Dickinson Ave   (2-20;3-17)
Oldfallings Crescent
Garage Sites Second Avenue
Old Fallings Crescent


27th Feb 10am



8th May 2pm



28th Aug 10am



13th Nov 2pm


Meet at the Good Shepard Centre

Bushbury Triangle

Bushbury Lane (up to 291)
Morrison Ave
Whetstone Grove
Whetstone Rd
Fordhouse Rd
Stanley Rd.

17th Jan 10am










1st Nov 10am


Meet corner of Bushbury Lane and Morrison Ave

The Scotlands 1

Chesterton Rd
Ruskin Rd
Dryden Rd
Emerson Grove
Emerson Rd
Keats Grove
Cannock Rd (703-899)
Wordswoth Rd.



7th Mar 10am



20th Jun 2pm



26th Sep 10am


29th Nov 2pm


Meet outside Keats Grove clinic

Fallings Park

Cannock Rd
Croft Lane
Leason Lane
Oldfallings Cres (101-107)
Primrose Lane
Princess Court
Queens Court
Redcotts Close
The Riddings.
Garage sites Princess Court
Queens Court
Redcotts Close






19th Jun 10am





19th Nov 2pm


Meet outside shops, outside Princess Court


Elmdon Rd
Hampton Rd
Henley Rd
Meriden Rd
Probert Rd
Renton Grove
Sheldon Rd
Greenwood Road .
Garage sites Elmdon Road
Hampton Road
Renton Grove 



12th Mar 10am






3rd Sep 2pm




Meet at the shops on Hampton Road

The Avenues

Colley Ave (1-47; 2-64)
Fifth Ave (1-109; 2-104)
Third Ave
Dickinson Ave (9-51; 22-64)
Showell Circus
Garage site Dickinson Avenue 



13th Mar 10am







31st Oct 2pm



Meet at the corner of Third Ave and Showell Circus

Waterhead Drive /  Westcroft

Edghill Ave
Highfield Ave
Pope Rd
Underhill Cottages
Underhill Lane
Waterhead Drive
Waterhead Close
Westcroft Ave
Wildtree Ave & Wildtree Cottages
Garage sites Highfield Avenue k
Westcroft Avenue
Wildtree Avenue



28th March 10am






18th Sep 2pm




Meet at shops on Wescroft Ave 

The Scotlands 2

Byron Rd
Carlyle Grove
Dickens Rd
Keats Rd
Masefield Rd
Newman Rd
Tennyson Rd.


26th Feb 10am



22nd May 2pm



21st Aug 2pm



26th Nov 2pm


Meet outside the Neil Docherty Centre

Poets Corner

Browning Cres
Kipling Rd
Stafford Rd
Burns Ave
Shelley Rd
Three Tuns Lane.
Garage sites Browning Crescent Elston Hall Terrace




3rd Apr 2pm





10th Sep 10am




Meet at entrance to Poets Corner

Lincoln Green

Alleston Rd
Grosvenor Cres
Alleston Walk
Grosvenor Rd
School Lane
Elston Hall Lane
Lincoln Green
Wood Lane
Moreton Road






5th Jun 2pm







Meet corner of Wood Lane/Lincoln Green

Northwood Park 1

Alton Close
Egerton Rd
Carisbrooke Rd
Giffard Rd
Pendrill Rd
Cromwell Rd
Northwood Park Rd
Ireton Rd
Wentworth Rd.
Garage site Wentworth Road
Hamilton Gardens
Lauderdale Gardens
Somerford Gardens


12th Feb 10am







17th Sep 2pm




Meet outside Broadway shops

Northwood Park 2

Bentley Rd
Fairfax Rd
Primrose Ave
Hellier Rd
Rushall Rd
Bushbury Lane (373 odds upwards)
Northwood Park Close
Collingwood Rd
Northwood Park Rd (odds)
Garage site Primrose Avenue
Carisbrooke Gardens
Elmcroft Gardens
Hatherton Gardens



21st Mar 10am







22nd Oct 2pm



Meet at corner of Rushall Rd and Bentley Rd


Patshull Ave
Sandon Rd
Ashfield Rd
Patshull Grove
Slade Rd
Brinsford Rd
Redhurst Drive
Whitney Grove
Romsey Grove
Winchester Rd
Garage site Brinsford Road 





15th May 10am





16th Oct 2pm



Meet Patshull Ave near entrance of Sandon Rd

Chetton Green

Harrowby Court
Harrowby Road
Eagle Court
Starling Court
Patshull Court
Raven Court
Wobaston Court
Shearwater Court
Garage sites






12th Jun 2pm







Meet outside Wobaston Court

St Anne's

Arundel Rd
Ingestre Rd
Minehead Rd
Belgrade Rd
Lewisham Rd
Sandwell Rd
Filey Rd
Marsh Lane
St Anne's Rd.


13th Feb 10am



20th May 2pm



27th Aug 10am



26th Nov 2pm


Meet outside Number 2 St Annes Rd

Pendeford Park

Chaldon Close
Emsworth Cres
Hambledon Close
Highbrook Close
Penshaw Close
The Droveway
Whitmore Close.




23rd Apr 2pm







20th Nov 10am


Meet at Priory Green Community Centre




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