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Services, management fee, and buildings insurance

Every year around 1 April, we will send you an invoice for our services, management fee, and buildings insurance for the forthcoming financial year.

The services you are charged for will depend on what services are provided to the building and, in some cases, the estate where your property is located. It may include services such as communal lighting, concierge and caretaking, grounds maintenance, district heating and lift maintenance. Some buildings receive more services than others. Your financial contribution towards the services provided will be a percentage of the actual cost of providing those services.

Our management fee is based on the costs of managing your lease. It includes work undertaken by us as well as council employees. The management fee you are required to pay will depend on the specific terms of your lease.

Your buildings insurance is arranged by the City of Wolverhampton Council. If you need to make a claim, please contact 0161 274 9077. You will need to quote the insurance policy number which will be available in the documents you will have been sent by the insurance provider, Protector. Please note that if your service charges are not paid up to date, your buildings insurance may be deemed void in the event of a claim.

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