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Our rear fencing programme will replace and improve fencing to thousands of homes. We will repair or replace fencing that:

• backs onto open land
• is next to a main 'A' road
• borders an alleyway, canal or railway embankment
• backs onto a garage site or car park
• surrounds communal areas to all flats in a building
• presents a health and safety risk
• is recommended by our ASB team to resolve anti-social behaviour

If we replace your fence, the cost of the work may be added to your rent in the form of a service charge. Every repair is considered on a case by case basis.

Frequently asked questions

  • When will my fencing be improved?

    All the homes due fencing improvements under the current programme are listed in the 'Schedule and streets' tab below.

    If your street is not listed, it may be included in a later phase of the programme. Once the next programme is available, we will make this information available on our website.

    The programme is based on priority. Fencing that is in a poor condition or poses a health and safety risk will be improved first.

  • Schedule and streets

    The list below shows all the homes that are due to have new fencing under the current programme. If your street isn’t listed below, it may be planned for a later phase of the programme.

    Our contractors will contact you before your fencing is due to be replaced. They will ask you some simple questions and give you more information about the work.  

    Remember, all our staff and contractors carry identification. Always ask to see official identification before letting anyone you do not know into your home. We will never ask you to hand over money at the door. If you’re still unsure, ring the company the person claims to represent and ensure their story checks out.

    Street (a to z)

    Alice Street

    Alice Walk

    Alton Close

    Amos Lane

    Ash Street

    Bates Grove

    Bedford Street

    Bentley Road

    Best Road

    Boydon Close

    Bramerton Close

    Broad Street

    Bronte Road

    Bushbury Road

    Cannock Road (342-372)

    Carisbrook Gardens

    Carisbrook Road

    Cheviot Road

    Coronation Road

    Cromwell Road

    Dunstall Hill

    Durberville Road

    Egerton Road

    Eleanor Road

    Elm Street

    Elmcroft Gardens

    Etheridge Road

    Eversley Grove

    Fairfax Road

    Faulkland Crescent

    Fellows Road

    Freezeland Street

    Froggat Road

    Frost Street

    George Street

    Giffard Road

    Glentworth Gardens


    Haddock Road

    Hall Park Street

    Hamilton Gardens

    Hatherton Gardens

    Hellier Road

    Herbert Street

    Hincks Street

    Holloway Street

    Hornbeam Walk

    Hughes Place

    John Street

    Junction Road

    Kirmond Walk

    Lauderdale Gardens

    Lawley Road

    Lawrence Avenue

    Legs Lane

    Lichfield Road

    Lord Street

    Lower Prestwood Road

    Mattox Road

    Melbury Close

    Milton Road

    Moathouse Lane West

    Mountford Lane

    Myrtle Street

    Northwood Park Road

    Oak Street

    Orchard Road

    Owen Place

    Owen Road

    Pembroke Avenue

    Pendrill Road

    Prestwood Road

    Prestwood Road West

    Priestfield Street

    Primrose Avenue

    Prouds Lane

    Ridge Lane

    Rough Hills Close

    Rough Hills Road

    Rushall Road

    Ryton Close

    Sidwick Crescent

    Somerford Gardens

    Southwick Place

    Sweet Briar Road

    Tettenhall Road

    Thorne Street

    Thorneycroft Lane

    Tithe Road

    Treynham Close

    Victor Close

    Villiers Avenue

    Ward Street

    Warsash Close

    Wassell Road

    Wellington Road

    Wentbridge Road

    Wentworth Road

    Wesley Street

    Wilkins Road

    Woden Road

    Wood Avenue

    Wood End Road

  • What does the new fencing look like?

    The fencing we use is of a good quality. It is normally two metres high, with close board panels, concrete posts and gravel boards. The fencing is designed to last between 15 and 20 years.

  • Will I have to pay for fencing?

    The average cost of new fencing is £1700 per home, which means that if we didn’t charge residents, it would take almost 50 years to complete the programme. Therefore, if we improve your fencing, a service charge of less than £2 a week will be added to your rent. This information is covered within your tenancy agreement.

    The fencing charge will only be added to your rent after your fencing has been improved.

  • What if I have paid for my own fencing?

    If your fencing is good quality and is in a reasonable condition, we won’t need to replace it.

  • What if I receive Housing Benefit or Universal Credit?

    The fencing charge is a condition of your tenancy, so it is covered by Housing Benefit and Universal Credit.

  • What if I live in a flat or maisonette?

    Communal fencing is not part of this programme.

  • Can I opt out of the fencing programme?

    If your fencing has recently been replaced, is in a good condition, and is expected to last more than five years, we will respect your decision to opt out of the programme

  • What happens if my fencing needs a repair?

    We will repair fencing that is broken due to normal wear and tear, but only if it presents a health and safety risk.

  • What happens if my garden has reduced in size due to it being overgrown or inaccessible?

    If your home is included in the programme, we will erect fencing along the boundary line shown on the deeds to your home. You will then be responsible for looking after all the garden area within the boundary.