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Gas and electrical safety

If you smell gas, please call Cadent’s emergency line straight away on 0800 111 999.

Cadent emergency gas safety
Gas Safe Engineer

If you smell gas, the following steps will help to keep you and your home safe:

  • DO open doors and windows to ventilate the property
  • DO turn off the gas at the meter, if possible, unless your meter is in a cellar or basement
  • DO keep away from the rooms where the smell of gas is strongest
  • DO put out any naked flames


If you smell gas, it is important not to do any of the following as these could put you in further danger: 

  • DON’T turn any electrical equipment or light switches on or off
  • DON’T smoke or light any sort of flame within the property
  • DON’T use any appliances that could cause a spark
  • Annual gas servicing

    Your safety is a top priority, so every year our contractor, Dodd Group, carries out safety checks on all our gas appliances.

    If you have a gas supply to your home, Dodd Group will write to you with an appointment date for your gas service. You will need to call them on their freephone number to confirm your appointment or to change the date to one that is more suitable.

    Faulty gas appliances can leak carbon monoxide, which is an odourless but highly poisonous gas. Your yearly gas service will only take about half an hour to complete and will help to keep you and your family safe for another 12 months.

  • What happens if I don't allow access for gas servicing?

    We are committed to keeping your home safe and it’s really important that you let us in to do the gas service.

    We will try several times to contact you, but if you will not allow us to complete the gas service we may need to take legal action giving us the right to enter your home and disconnect your gas supply. You may also have to pay for any court costs incurred. This will always be a last resort and we will make several attempts to contact you and arrange an appointment first.

    For more information, or to confirm or change a gas service appointment, please contact Dodd Group on 0800 085 4837.

  • Carbon monoxide

    Carbon monoxide (CO) is a toxic gas. It can be caused when gas appliances are not properly fitted, maintained or ventilated. You can’t see it, taste it or smell it, but it can kill in minutes.


    Signs of carbon monoxide include:

    • a yellow or orange gas flame, instead of the normal blue
    • your pilot light often goes out
    • soot or brown or yellow staining around your gas appliance

    If you suspect carbon monoxide, turn off your gas supply at your gas meter. The gas tap will usually have a handle that turns 90 degrees. You should also contact us straight away.


    Follow these simple steps to reduce your risk of carbon monoxide poisoning:

    • keep air vents clear
    • do not block any outside flues, grilles or air bricks
    • don’t tamper with or attempt to repair gas appliances yourself
    • always use a Gas Safe registered engineer to install or remove gas cookers
    • keep your cooker clean and in full working order
    • open windows when cooking with large pots
    • avoid sleeping in rooms with old gas appliances, like boilers or fires.


    If you’re unsure about any of the above, please contact us.

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Electrical safety testing

Every five years, we carry out electrical safety checks on our tenants’ homes.

The electrical checks are completed by our contractor, Dodd Group. The check may only take a couple of hours, but it could keep you and your family safe for another five years.

Dodd Group will write to you before your electrical safety check is due with an appointment. If the appointment isn’t suitable, just contact Dodd Group using the details on the letter and they will be happy to rearrange the appointment for a more suitable time.

Faulty electrics can increase your energy bills, cause outages, and even result in fires. Please help us to keep you safe by allowing Dodd Group to complete the check as quickly as possible.