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Heath Town News Spring Edition

Heath Town Newsletter

Check out your quarterly newsletter, brought to you by Wolverhampton Homes (WH), City of Wolverhampton Council (CWC), and our construction partners.

In this spring edition, we will share:

  • a message from your Tenancy Officer, highlighting the benefits of the new Wolverhampton Homes app and support available
  • the latest updates of building works, as we catch up with the building contractors
  • community news, supporting you and your family to live well at home and in your community

Do you have something to share with your fellow residents? If so, get in touch with Evelyn Brown, Community Development Officer. 


Amie Koner, Tenancy and Leasehold Officer, Wolverhampton Homes:

“Hello, I’m Amie and my role is to help you with any tenancy and leasehold queries. I’m out on the estate a lot, so if you see me, please say hello.

“We have a lot of support available at Wolverhampton Homes, such as our Money Smart, Energy Wise, and Healthy Homes teams. They can help you with any money queries, however big or small, energy wise visits to ensure your home is energy efficient and support keeping your home healthy, with support preventing condensation and mould.

“I’d also like to remind you of our new customer app, My Account, where you can manage your repairs appointments, bid for homes and much more. Download the app on our website.

A message from us at Wolverhampton Homes and United Living

Please click on the name of your block below, for a short update on the building works.

  • Brockfield House

    Works are progressing well.

    • New internal ceilings and internal doors have been fitted to properties.
    • Telecommunication equipment on the roof was installed by Beacon Communications.
    • Preparation of the communal floors has started ready for the new floor finishes.
    • The external rendering system has progressed.
    • Required decoration is planned for the following weeks.
  • Campion House
    • Scaffolding is progressing from the 17th floor to the top of Campion House.
    • Once the scaffolding work is complete, the installation of new windows can progress.
    • Internal works are taking place, including installing new internal header panels above doors and sprinkler systems. Bulkheads are being removed within properties.
  • Hawthorn House

    Customers are invited to a coffee morning on 1 May 2024 to update on future works.

  • Lincoln House

    We are:  

    • fitting new heating and hot water systems  
    • installing the sprinkler pipework within properties 
    • starting to install new windows 
    • continuing to carry out concrete and brickwork joint repairs externally ready for the new windows and rendering system 
  • Ling

    Customers are invited to a coffee morning on 1 May 2024 to update on future works.

  • Longfield House
    • Works are being planned, so we are holding pre-start meetings with customers in their homes.
    • The removal and new installation of header panels above the front doors has progressed. This allows us to take essential services and sprinkler systems into customers’ homes.
    • Customers are invited to a coffee morning on 1 May 2024 to update on future works.
  • Red Oak House
    • Concrete and brickwork survey requirements for the Structural Engineers are being completed.
    • We are piloting a heating installation into a property for review, prior to commencing works for the whole block.
    • Customers are invited to a coffee morning on 1 May 2024 to update on future works.
  • Tremont House
    • We have completed most of the window installations in this block and installed new heating and hot water systems and sprinkler pipework.  
    • We are continuing to box in the pipework.  
    • Due to limited access, we are unable to complete some works. We would appreciate your cooperation in completing this. 
Mike Hough

Michael Hough, Customer Experience Manager, including the Health and Safety team at Wolverhampton Homes:

“From listening to customer feedback, we understand that a small number of block door entry systems may not be working as they should. Your safety is our priority, therefore, we are testing all of the block door entry systems across the estate to ensure they are working correctly.

"If you are experiencing difficulties with your door entry handsets in your home, please report a repair. We thank you for your support and co-operation.”

Community news

To learn more about each news item, please click on the headings below.

  • Change of scene for Scout group

    3rd Wednesfield Scout group delivers life skills to young people between the ages of four and 18.  

    The group has moved into Wednesfield Tenants and Residents meeting room Okement Drive, Wednesfield (next to Wodensfield Tower Building). 

    Please see the group’s timetable below:  

    • Monday, 7pm to 8.30pm Scout Troop (ages 10½ to 14 years)  
    • Wednesday, 5pm to 6pm Squirrels (ages 4 to 6 years) 
    • Wednesday, 6pm to 7pm Beavers (ages 6 to 8½ years) 
    • Wednesday, 7pm to 8.15pm Cubs (ages 8½ to 10½ years) 

     If you would like your child to join our group, please contact Simon Hamilton on 07814 549416 or  

  • Get involved with Hope Community's activities
    • Stay and Play for pre-school children and their parents/carers. Every Monday, 9.30am to 11am. 
    • Chatter Group, pre-entry, non-accredited, women-only English language group. Every Monday, 11.30am to 1pm. 
    • Women’s Walking Group every other Tuesday, 10am to 12pm. 
    • Men's Group, a talking group for men. Second Tuesday of the month, 7pm to 8.30pm, at the Hope Centre. 
    • Breaking Bread Food Pantry (£3 donation) every Wednesday, 1pm, at the Hope Centre. 
    • Friendship Group for over 55s, providing a hot meal or sandwiches, bingo, games and activities. Every other Thursday, 1pm to 3pm, in Lincoln House Community Room. 
  • Injunctions obtained for three Heath Town residents

    Recently, we obtained civil injunctions against three residents in the Heath Town area. Two of these resulted from tenants throwing rubbish from windows, and a third has been obtained for criminal activity. 

    The maximum penalty for breaching civil injunctions is two years in prison or an unlimited fine. While most of our work involves a non-legal approach, we will step up to legal options as needed.

  • Officer in charge invited to TRA

    Following a fire at LiBatt Recycling Ltd, Lincoln Street, we invited the fire service’s officer in charge of managing the incident to attend a tenants and residents meeting. This allowed attendees to learn about what happened and provided a forum for them to express their concerns.

  • Flat fire at Campion House

    Following a recent flat fire at Campion House, our Building Safety team sent out a letter explaining what happened. The letter included a ‘thank you’ to residents for following the ‘Stay Put Unless’ guidance (i.e., stay in your property unless you’re told to evacuate by the fire service, or if the situation is unsafe to remain). The building performed as designed, containing the fire to the affected flat. Where needed, additional fire stopping was undertaken.

Recycling 2

Help to stop contamination

Incorrect items in your black bin means waste can't be recycled and must be disposed of separately, costing money and losing environmental benefits. 

To stop contamination, please click here to find out what can and can't be put in your bin.

Learn more

Thank you for making the fire service exercise a success 🔥

Nick Lacey, Building Safety Manager at Wolverhampton Homes, said:

"Thank you to everyone who supported the exercise led by West Midlands Fire Service in the winter. It was a valuable opportunity for all involved to have real-life practice. Our greatest learning was how the fire service, City of Wolverhampton Council, and Wolverhampton Homes can work together to support each other in keeping people safe."

For more information about staying fire safe at home, please view our website.

Check out some images of the fire safety exercise below. Thank you again for your patience and co-operation to help keep you safe and well at home.

Smoke Alarm

Looking after your electrical devices

With the increase in e-bikes and e-scooters, we have seen more electrical fire safety concerns than ever. The lithium-ion battery which is found in e-bikes and e-scooters can be highly flammable, and needs special attention compared to other batteries. It is important that you know what to look out for and how to look after your new electrical devices.

Colleagues working across Heath Town

We've listened to customer feedback, and understand that some residents would like to know who is working across the estate. To help, we have created a meet the team page, where you can view familiar faces. You should always ask for ID before letting anyone you do not know into your home.

Meet the team