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New housing allocations policy update


The council has revised its Housing Allocations Policy which means key changes to how we let council homes in Wolverhampton.

Customers already registered with Homes In The City have been contacted and invited to reapply so that their circumstances can be reassessed under the new policy.

On 27 September, all applications made before 2 August 2021 that were assessed under the old policy will be closed. All applications received on or after 2 August 2021 that have been assessed under the new policy will be made live for applicants to start bidding when property adverts are launched on 28 September 2021.

We have received over 4000 applications since 2 August, and we are working hard to process these as quickly as possible. If you were previously awarded homeless priority, your new application will have already been made live and if you haven’t already, you will receive a letter confirming your new application reference number soon.

Moving forward

  1. Our focus now is to process those applications received before 27 September 2021, where the applicant informed us at the time of applying that they had a previous application under the old policy.
  2. Once these applications have been processed, we will begin processing those applications received before 27 September 2021 but where the applicant did not have a previous application.
  3. Once these applications have been processed, we will then begin processing all applications received after 27 September 2021.

We will continue to transfer applicants’ previous application waiting time to their new application so that they’re not disadvantaged, provided that the new application is made before 31 December 2021.

Property adverts will run from 6pm on 28 September to 10am on 8 October.

If you have not yet made a new application and would like to continue bidding for homes, please make a new application via Homes In The City as soon as possible, as your current application will be closed on 27 September 2021.

Learn more about the new Housing Allocations Policy