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Council supporting tenants with money worries caused by the pandemic

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Press release from the City of Wolverhampton Council, dated 21 October 2021

A report approved by City of Wolverhampton Council Cabinet last night (Wednesday) shows how the Council is continuing to support its tenants in rent arrears or with money worries caused by the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic.

There are currently almost 22,000 Council homes in the city, with 91 per cent managed by the Council’s arms-length management organisation, Wolverhampton Homes.

The remainder are overseen by Tenant Management Organisations – Bushbury Hill Estate Management Board, Dovecotes Tenancy Management Organisation, and New Park Village Tenancy Management Co-operative.

Support services have been ramped up to ensure tenants hit hard by the pandemic and struggling to pay rent have been given help and guidance to keep them in their homes.

Wolverhampton Homes has also managed to reduce the overall amount of tenant arrears during the first quarter of the financial year thanks to the efforts of its Money Smart team.

Councillor Bhupinder Gakhal, Cabinet Member for City Assets and Housing, said:

“The pandemic has brought untold pressures on people.

“Through the excellent work of Wolverhampton Homes and our tenant management organisations we have been able to help people who are facing rent arrears or money worries.

“This is just one part of our overarching housing strategy where we recognise that the best way to tackle homelessness in the city is to prevent it in the first place.”

Any tenant struggling to pay their rent should contact their Money Smart team or Homes Direct either through webchat or by phone on 01902 556789.