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Monday 14 June 2021 marks four years since the Grenfell Tower fire. It claimed 72 lives and displaced many more. We go #GreenForGrenfell as a way of remembering the victims of the tragic fire, and to take stock of the lessons learned that day. We are committed to the highest standards of fire safety and work closely with West Midlands Fire Service (WMFS) to regularly review our policies and procedures to ensure they are robust and keep people safe in their homes.

It’s vital that the fire service can respond quickly and effectively in the event of a fire in any property, but it’s even more important in a block of flats. We will soon be carrying out another joint training exercise with WMFS at one of our blocks on the Boscobel estate. These events allow the fire service to practise their procedures and give fire fighters valuable experience of how to respond to an incident in a high rise block. The exercises also allow us to put our own processes to the test, help us to identify any areas for improvement and familiarise customers with the emergency arrangements.

Ian Gardner, Assistant Director of Property Services, said:

“Joint training exercises like these are invaluable for Wolverhampton Homes and our customers. We have rigorous procedures in place and we work very closely with West Midlands Fire Service to ensure they are tried and tested regularly to keep residents safe in the event of a real fire.”

We are holding the next training exercise in the coming weeks on the Boscobel estate, so keep an eye on our social media channels for updates. You can find more information on fire safety on our website: