Believing in accessibility for all

In July 2021 we launched our customer contact and access needs consultation, to understand our customers’ needs, preferences and expectations for the services we provide. Thank you to everyone who took the time to visit one of our events across the city, joined our Facebook Live and responded to the consultation. We had a huge response, and the feedback and insight has helped us to inform our service redesign.

In the consultation we reassured you that the current contact methods of telephone, email, webchat, and social media would continue. We also presented a number of proposed options, including the use of hubs across the city available on a drop-in or appointment basis, improved online access and community-based services.

The outcomes of the consultation were clear: you want us to be visible in your community to continue to offer a range of contact options. Almost three quarters of customers felt the proposals would have a mostly positive impact on them and we are pleased to tell you that we will now be moving forward with these plans.

In line with the council’s Relight Our City programme, it has been agreed that over time we will move towards a city-wide hub approach which will include improving our outreach offer to you. We intend to make the best use of community assets, for example community centres and libraries, to ensure that you can access services in a way, and at a time, that suits you. With this in mind and working in alignment with the City of Wolverhampton Council, the decision has been made not to reopen the One Stop Shops based at Bilston Town Hall, Market Street and Wednesfield.

You told us how important it is to have your questions answered and queries resolved at the earliest point. We are committed to delivering a one touch customer experience and we recognise that the increasing demand for services has impacted waiting times when you contact us. We will be investing in our customer services to improve this for you, and to ensure we are able to meet the needs of some of our most vulnerable customers across the city.

Throughout the pandemic we continued to provide services to you including an appointment-based arrangement where required, to meet your individual needs and to ensure we were able to support customers with more complex requirements. This way of working, aligned to the city council’s delivery model, has been well received and we will be considering shared hub accommodation with the council as we continue with this approach.


Angela Davies, Wolverhampton Homes tenant and Chair of Wolverhampton Homes’ Board said:

“The way that people live and work has changed significantly over the last 18 months and this has provided an opportunity for Wolverhampton Homes to reshape their services to meet the needs and preferences of their customers.

“There was an incredible response to the consultation, and customers were overwhelmingly in favour of Wolverhampton Homes being visible in communities across the city with a range of contact methods available. Customers accepted the need for housing providers to work in different ways to meet changing customer requirements, but at the same time they were clear that they expected Wolverhampton Homes to consider the needs of the most vulnerable customers in their plans. 

“We want to bring lasting improvements for customers in the way they access services in Wolverhampton. I am proud of the interest shown by tenants and their commitment to engaging with Wolverhampton Homes on these developments.


Many of you expressed an interest in getting more involved and working together with us on projects and initiatives. We will be developing a menu of opportunities so that you can choose the activities and time-commitment that suits you best. We will continue to update you but in the meantime, you can register your interest by completing this short form and a member of our Community Development team will be in touch with further information.