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Everything you need to know about your heating and hot water system in Heath Town.

Welcome to your new heating system

This ‘Welcome Pack’ will guide you through all you need to know about your home's heating and hot water system to ensure you are set up, comfortable and are benefitting from the district heating and hot water system in place.

Who are Switch2?

Switch2 is the provider of your hot water and heat metering and billing services. Switch2 work with Wolverhampton Homes and City of Wolverhampton Council to ensure that you receive constant heat and hot water to your home.

What is district heating and why am I on it?

Heating and hot water is provided to your home via a system of pipes connected to a central boiler or group of boilers. Instead of an individual boiler installed in your home, you have a heating unit that looks and works very similar.

Benefits of using district heat include:

  • You are receiving low carbon energy from local heat sources that can help reduce emissions. District heating can be highly efficient and uses low carbon fuel sources, such as biomass or waste.
  • District heating can help to tackle the problem of fuel poverty. Replacing expensive heating systems with a district heat network, especially in high-rise apartment blocks, may reduce fuel costs.
  • Lowering the cost of heat – the connection to the local heat source should provide lower cost heat for residential customers, as compared to heat from fossil fuels.
  • If you own your home, you don’t need to buy or service a boiler, Wolverhampton Homes / City of Wolverhampton Council will maintain your heating equipment as required for you.

How is my home heated?

The diagram below shows how your home is heated. 

A central boiler room pumps hot water through pipes to each property connected to the district heating network. There are individual meters in each home which measure the energy you use.

Image of a block of flats with a central boiler room


What is the equipment in my home?

Image showing kitchen and the equipment inside

  1.  Heat Interface Unit (HIU)

    A heat interface unit (HIU) will look like a boiler and performs a similar job. Heat from the communal boiler is used within the HIU to provide your hot water and heating requirements.
  2. Heat Meter  

    A heat meter is a device that measures how much heating and hot water is -used in your home. Heat energy is measured in kilowatts, shown as kWh on your annual statement. 
  3. G6 Prepayment Unit (PAYG)

    The G6 allows you and us to monitor and measure your usage. We are able to communicate with the unit via a sim card (like the one used in a mobile phone). The G6 has an intelligent in-home display that will show you your heat consumption and usage. (Please see the separate G6 user guide for further details)
  4. Programmer

    The heating programmer lets you set different times and temperatures for different days of the week to suit you.
  5. Room Thermostat

    A room thermostat simply switches the heating system on and off. It works by sensing the air temperature, switching on the heating when the air temperature falls below the thermostat setting and switching it off once this set temperature has been reached.

Pay-as-you-go (PAYG) customers – what does this mean?

Because you have a G6 pre-payment unit you will not receive a monthly bill from Switch 2 - instead you are fully in control of your heating and hot water supply and consumption.

You need to add credit to the unit to make your heating and hot water work.

There are a range of flexible top-up options for you – please have your Switch2 payment card handy when topping up or buying credit:

  • Switch2 Mobile App:

    Go to the app store and search or visit ‘Switch2 Quickpay’. From here you can make Pay As You Go payments or set up auto top-up and regular top-up payment schedules.
    - Payments will reach your device almost immediately.
    - Auto top-up ensures you never go without heating.
    - Regular top-up set to credit your pay-as-you-go unit on a set date each week/month.
  • Phone:

    Call the automated payment line on 0333 3139171 and quote your unique customer reference number. You can use any credit or debit card to pay and this service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Online:

    You can top-up online by using the Quickpay website.
  • PayPoint outlets:

    Visit any outlet that displays the Paypoint sign. Many local shops and supermarkets will have a PayPoint outlet. Here you can top-up by cash, credit and debit cards or by cheque, please take your PAYG card with you when topping-up. Visit
  • Post office:
    You can top-up at your local post office by cash, cheque, credit or debit card - please take your Switch2 payment card with you when topping-up.

Heating Costs Payable 

City of Wolverhampton Council operates the district heating scheme on a ‘not for profit’ basis.

All energy costs associated with the district heating scheme, including the standing charges, are recovered using an all-inclusive ‘variable’ kilo watt hour (kWh) rate.

The method used for calculating your kWh rate is to gather all the costs of operating the scheme and apportion these costs by the number of properties at the site.

Please note:

  • This rate will be reviewed annually to ensure costs are correctly attributed to residents.
  • There is no need to read the meter / provide meter readings as they are collected remotely from the heat meter
  • There is a charge of £5 payable for lost or replacement payment cards

Annual Statement (for PAYG customers)

You will receive an annual statement from Switch2 for your records which tells you your metered charges and annual consumption for the year.

Sample of annual statement:

Image of a sample statement


Your statement explained

  1. This is your Customer Reference Number
  2. Period the statement covers
  3. Breakdown of charges during the period
  4. Graph to show your annual energy consumption pattern.


Website resident portal

Image of a laptop displaying the Switch2 web portal

Visit to find:

  • Online billing portal – to view online bills
  • Contact – find Switch2 contact details or fill out a web form
  • Meet the team - who look after your account
  • Energy saving tips – read tips to help you be more efficient with your energy usage 

Problems making payments or with your meter?

If you have any difficulties making payments or with your G6 pre-payment meter please contact Switch2:

  1. Call Switch 2 on 0333 321 2010
    Opening hours are: Monday–Friday 8:30am–5:30pm.
    There is an emergency engineer available on this number during the evenings and weekends
  2. The Switch2 customer relations team will check your address details and ask some questions to help diagnose the problem.
  3. If your problem cannot be solved over the telephone an engineer visit will be arranged.
  4. They will agree an appointment with you for an engineer to visit.

Ask about the Switch2 text service.


Problems with your heating or hot water?

If you are have any difficulties with your heating and/or hot water system please contact us - the best way to contact us is by webchat - use the "Chat with us" tab.

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