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You will be charged for repairs or clearance work carried out by us to your home, if you are responsible for them.

Your tenancy agreement states that you must keep your home clean, tidy and in a good state of repair. If you damage your home or its fittings, we will charge you the cost of repairing it. If you leave your home, garden or garage in a state of disrepair or leave behind any belongings or rubbish, we will carry out the work required and charge you for it. If a repair is misreported to get a quicker response – for example, a pipe leak that can be contained is reported as severe – you may be recharged for part of the repair cost.

Example of Recharge Repairs

  • Removing and disposing of items left by the outgoing tenant, e.g. furniture, white goods, personal belongings, floor coverings the tenant has fitted, rubbish etc
  • Removing/replacing items following unauthorised alterations by the tenant, e.g. removal of electrical dimmer switches/ceiling fans, replacement of walls etc
  • Gaining access and changing locks as a result of lost or stolen keys where the work is necessary for health & safety or security reasons, and the tenant is unable to provide a crime reference number. (If the work is undertaken for health and safety or security reasons the work will be carried out as an emergency repair and the tenant charged.)
  • Carrying out repairs that are your responsibility (see section 36 of the tenancy agreement), we will let you know if a repair is your responsibility before we book it.

How much will I be charged?

The charge is determined by the repair cost (or on a quotation from external contractors), plus a £15 administration charge. A minimum of 50% of the fee must be paid before the repair can be carried out. This can be paid online.

Legal Action

If necessary, legal action will be taken to recover recharge repairs debts. You will be warned before any legal action is taken. This will involve an application to the County Court for a County Court Money Judgement. This will affect your credit rating and your ability to take out loans and enter into hire purchase agreements.

Your ability to transfer or exchange to alternative accommodation may also be affected by identified recharge repairs and/or outstanding recharge repairs debts. You may not be able to complete on the purchase of your home, under your 'Right to Buy', until all housing debts have been cleared.

How can I avoid a recharge for repairs work?

  • Keep your property in a good state of repair
  • Know your responsibilities as explained in the tenancy agreement
  • Ask for written permission from your Tenancy Officer before making any alterations
  • Clean and clear your home, garage or garden before leaving

For further information please download our leaflet:


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