Picture of tenancy officers

Your tenancy officer can visit you at home, make an appointment for you to come into the office or provide help and advice over the telephone.

Our tenancy officer will:

  • Advise you on your tenancy, home exchanges, or housing transfers.
  • Carry out regular estate inspections to help improve where you live, including security, maintenance, tidy gardens and cleanliness.
  • Work closely with tenants and residents associations and community police to make your area a better place to live.

If you need to speak to us about your home or tenancy please contact us.

To search for where you live, first look for and click on your area, this will take you to the list of street names in your area and the name of your tenancy officers. We currently have vacancies in some areas and we hope to have new tenancy officers in post to cover those areas by the end of July.

To see a photo of your tenancy officer, visit the tenancy officers by name page. 

Areas in alphabetical order

A. Aldersley | All Saints and Caledonia | Ashmore Park

BBilbrook | Bilston | Blakenhall | Boscobel | Bradley | Bradmore | Bushbury

C. Castlecroft | Chapel AshChetton Green | Compton

D. Dunstall

E. Ettingshall

F.  Fallings Park | Farndale | Finchfield | Fordhouses

G. Graiseley

H. Heath Town | Horseley Fields

L. Lanesfield | Long Knowle | Low Hill

M. Merry Hill | Millfields

OOld Heath | Oxley

P. Park Village | Parkfields | Pendeford Park | Penn | Pennfields / Chapel Ash | Portobello

RRakegate | Rough Hills

S. Scotlands | Stowheath | Stowlawn

T. Tettenhall | Tettenhall Wood

U. Underhill

V. Vauxhalls

W. Warstones | Wednesfield | Whitmore Reans | Wightwick | Willenhall | Woodcross


Street names in area order



St Peters Ward

Street name Your Tenancy Officer
Aldersley Avenue Harsharon Bungay
Aldersley Close Harsharon Bungay
Aldersley Road Harsharon Bungay
Blackburn Avenue Harsharon Bungay
Burland Avenue Harsharon Bungay
Derby Avenue Harsharon Bungay
Lawnswood Avenue Harsharon Bungay
Lower Street Harsharon Bungay
Lynton Avenue Harsharon Bungay
Pendeford Avenue Harsharon Bungay
Pendeford Close Harsharon Bungay
Sandy Lane Harsharon Bungay
St Michaels Court Harsharon Bungay

All Saints and Calendonia

Street name Your Tenancy Officer
Adelaide Walk Lewis Bhardwaj
All Saints Road Lewis Bhardwaj
Bowdler Road Lewis Bhardwaj
Bradley Road Lewis Bhardwaj
Brown Street Lewis Bhardwaj
Caldeonia Road Lewis Bhardwaj
Cartwright Street Lewis Bhardwaj
Christopher Road Lewis Bhardwaj
Derry Street Lewis Bhardwaj
Gordon Street Lewis Bhardwaj
Gower Street Lewis Bhardwaj
Granville Street Lewis Bhardwaj
Howell Road Lewis Bhardwaj
Jeffrey Avenue Lewis Bhardwaj
Jeffs Avenue Lewis Bhardwaj
Kent Road Lewis Bhardwaj
Lilleshall Crescent Lewis Bhardwaj
Maxwell Road Lewis Bhardwaj
Mills Crescent Lewis Bhardwaj
Mills Road Lewis Bhardwaj
Parkyn Street Lewis Bhardwaj
Pond Crescent Lewis Bhardwaj
Pond Grove Lewis Bhardwaj
Pond Lane Lewis Bhardwaj
Silver Birch Road Lewis Bhardwaj
Steelhouse Lane Lewis Bhardwaj
The Square Lewis Bhardwaj
Vicarage Road Lewis Bhardwaj


Ashmore Park

Street name Your Tenancy Officer
Acorn Road Bob Belstone 
Adey Road Bob Belstone 
Ashmore Avenue Bob Belstone 
Bargery Road Bob Belstone 
Barnard Road Bob Belstone 
Baylis Avenue Bob Belstone 
Birch Road Bob Belstone 
Blackham Road Bob Belstone 
Brindley Avenue Bob Belstone 
Bucknall Road Bob Belstone 
Clare Avenue Bob Belstone 
Cleveland Close Bob Belstone 
Coppice Close Bob Belstone 
Downing Close Bob Belstone 
Drummond Close Bob Belstone 
Ecclestone Road Bob Belstone 
Fane Road Bob Belstone 
Ferguson Street Bob Belstone 
Fitzmaurice Road Bob Belstone 
Gadsby Avenue Bob Belstone 
Gilbert Close Bob Belstone 
Gorse Road Bob Belstone 
Griffiths Drive Bob Belstone 
Higgs Road Bob Belstone 
Hill Place Bob Belstone 
Hodson Close Bob Belstone 
Howard Road Bob Belstone 
Kitchen Lane  Bob Belstone 
Leveson Road Bob Belstone 
Marlowe Drive Bob Belstone 
Millbank Street Bob Belstone 
Newey Road Bob Belstone 
Nocke Road Bob Belstone 
Palmer Close Bob Belstone 
Park Way Bob Belstone 
Parker Road Bob Belstone 
Parry Road Bob Belstone 
Peach Road Bob Belstone 
Peacock Avenue Bob Belstone 
Perks Road Bob Belstone 
Phillips Avenue Bob Belstone 
Raven Crescent Bob Belstone 
Reynolds Walk  Bob Belstone 
Roach Crescent Bob Belstone 
Rogers Close Bob Belstone 
Russell Close Bob Belstone 
Ryan Avenue Bob Belstone 
Sandy Crescent Bob Belstone 
Simmons Road Bob Belstone 
Snape Road Bob Belstone 
Southall Road Bob Belstone 
St Albans Close Bob Belstone 
Stanley Close Bob Belstone 
Stephens Close Bob Belstone 
Thornley Close Bob Belstone 
Thornley Road Bob Belstone 
Tonadine Close Bob Belstone 
Townson Road Bob Belstone 
Whiston Avenue Bob Belstone 
Whitehouse Crescent Bob Belstone 
Wolmer Road Bob Belstone 
Woodside Bob Belstone 
Wootton Avenue Lisa Richards
Wyvern Close Bob Belstone 


Street name Your Tenancy Officer
Joeys Lane

Gem Blackburn



Street name Your Tenancy Officer
Addison Place Luke Thompson 
Alice Street Luke Thompson 
Alice Walk Luke Thompson 
Arlidge Close Sandra Palmer
Ashley Street Luke Thompson 
Barnett Close Sandra Palmer
Beckett Street Luke Thompson 
Bevan Close Luke Thompson 
Bickley Road Luke Thompson 
Bissell Street Sid Pawar 
Boswell Road Luke Thompson 
Bridge Street Sid Pawar 
Broad Street Luke Thompson 
Brook Street Sid Pawar 
Brueton Road Luke Thompson 
Bunkers Hill Lane Gemma Wildey
Carder Crescent Sandra Palmer
Carlton Avenue Gemma Wildey
Castlecroft Road Gemma Wildey
Cedar Grove Gemma Wildey
Chantry Crescent Luke Thompson 
Clarence Road Gemma Wildey
Clinton Road Luke Thompson 
Connaught Road Gemma Wildey
Darlaston Lane Luke Thompson 
Dartmouth Crescent Luke Thompson 
Evans Place Gemma Wildey
Fraser Street Sid Pawar 
Garden Walk Luke Thompson 
Gozzard Street Sid Pawar 
Greencroft  Luke Thompson 
Haddock Road Sharon Downes
Hartshorn Street Luke Thompson 
Hatherton Road Luke Thompson 
Hazel Grove Gemma Wildey
Hughes Road Sharon Downes
James Street Luke Thompson 
Johnson Place Luke Thompson 
Kempthorne Road Luke Thompson 
Lambah Close Gemma Wildey
Langton Place Luke Thompson 
Lavender Grove Luke Thompson 
Lester Street Sid Pawar 
Linton Croft Vacancy 
Lonsdale Road Luke Thompson 
Loxdale Street Sid Pawar 
Lunt Place Luke Thompson 
Lunt Road Luke Thompson 
Marchant Road Sharon Downes
Moseley Road Gemma Wildey
Mount Pleasant Luke Thompson 
Mountford Lane Sharon Downes
Newbolt Road Luke Thompson 
Newman Place Gemma Wildey
Norbury Road Luke Thompson 
Ormond Place Sid Pawar 
Owen Place Sharon Downes
Owen Road Sharon Downes
Oxford Street Sid Pawar 
Poplar Road Gemma Wildey
Portway Road Gemma Wildey
Prouds Lane Sharon Downes
Queen Street Sid Pawar 
Rathbone Close Sharon Downes
Rosemary Avenue Luke Thompson 
Russell Road Gemma Wildey
Sandland Close Luke Thompson 
Selwyn Road Luke Thompson 
Shale Street Sid Pawar 
Sheldon Close Sandra Palmer
Silvester Road Gemma Wildey
Skemp Close Sandra Palmer
Southwick Place Sharon Downes
St Chads Road Luke Thompson 
Station Road Sid Pawar 
Tadmore Close Sid Pawar 
Tame Street Sid Pawar 
Temple Street Sid Pawar 
The Crescent Luke Thompson 
Vernon Road Luke Thompson 
Villiers Avenue Sharon Downes
Wassell Road Sharon Downes
Willenhall Road Gemma Wildey



Street name Your Tenancy Officer
Chapel Street Lewis Bhardwaj
Cross Street South Lewis Bhardwaj
Cyrpus Street Lewis Bhardwaj
Dudley Road Lewis Bhardwaj
Elm Farm Road Lewis Bhardwaj
Grange Road Lewis Bhardwaj
Johnson Street Lewis Bhardwaj
Napier Road Lewis Bhardwaj
Park Hall Road Lewis Bhardwaj
Phoenix Street Lewis Bhardwaj
Poplar Street Lewis Bhardwaj
Ranelagh Road Ryan Harris 
Upper Villiers Street Lewis Bhardwaj


Street name Your Tenancy Officer
Birch Court Rash Price 
Kilsall Court Rash Price 
Lane Court Rash Price 
North Road Rash Price 
Tong Court Rash Price 
Weston Court Rash Price 


Street name Your Tenancy Officer
Ash Street Vacancy 
Ashfield Road Sandra Palmer
Attlee Crescent Vacancy 
Baker Road Vacancy 
Baldwin Street Vacancy 
Bank Street Vacancy 
Batmans Hill Road Vacancy 
Bellevue Road Sandra Palmer
Bilboe Road Sandra Palmer
Bradley Lane Vacancy 
Bradley Street Vacancy 
Brierley Lane Vacancy 
Britannia Road Sandra Palmer
Chapel Street Sid Pawar 
Chatwin Place Vacancy 
Chettle Road Vacancy 
Crane Road Vacancy 
Daley Road Sandra Palmer
Dereham Walk Vacancy 
Drake Green Sandra Palmer
Edinburgh Road Sandra Palmer
Edward Close Vacancy 
Elizabeth Avenue Sandra Palmer
Hall Green Street Vacancy 
Hawkins Place Chris Feehan
Hill Street Vacancy 
Howard Road Sandra Palmer
Humphries Crescent Sandra Palmer
Jordan Place Vacancy 
King Street Vacancy 
Kirby Close Vacancy 
Lord Street Vacancy 
Lord Street West Vacancy 
Martin Road Vacancy 
Masefield Close Sandra Palmer
Meldon Drive Sandra Palmer
Mervyn Road Sandra Palmer
Oliver Crescent Vacancy 
Pace Crescent Sandra Palmer
Peter Avenue Vacancy 
Pirbright Close Vacancy 
Powell Place Vacancy 
Prince Charles Road Sandra Palmer
Princess Anne Road Sandra Palmer
Princess Square Sandra Palmer
Pugh Road  Vacancy 
Raleigh Road Sandra Palmer
Rocket Pool Drive Vacancy 
Rowley View Sandra Palmer
Salop Street Vacancy 
School Drive Sandra Palmer
Slater Street Vacancy 
Slim Avenue Vacancy 
St Martins Terrace Vacancy 
Stirling Road Sandra Palmer
Sycamore Place Sandra Palmer
Wallace Road Sandra Palmer
Walter Road Vacancy 
Weddell Wynd Vacancy 
Wells Road Vacancy 
Wesley Street Vacancy 
Wilkinson Avenue Vacancy 
Willis Pearson Avenue Sandra Palmer


Street name Your Tenancy Officer
Bamber Close  Rebecca Wright 
Marnel Drive Rebecca Wright 
Minsterley Close Michelle Roberts 
Star Street Michelle Roberts 
Swanmore Close Rebecca Wright 
Trysull Road Rebecca Wright 
Wrekin Drive Michelle Roberts 


Street name Your Tenancy Officer
Alleston Road George Williams
Alleston Walk George Williams
Alton Close                     George Williams
Bentley Road George Williams
Broadway                        George Williams
Bushbury Lane (201-291 odds) Michael Hough
Bushbury Lane (373 onwards odds) George Williams
Carisbrooke Gardens Amarjit Gill & Jay Badley 
Carisbrooke Road Amarjit Gill & Jay Badley 
Collingwood Road George Williams
Cromwell Road George Williams
Egerton Road George Williams
Elmcroft Gardens Amarjit Gill & Jay Badley 
Elston Hall Lane George Williams
Fairfax Road George Williams
Fordhouse Road Michael Hough
Giffard Road George Williams
Grosvenor Crescent George Williams
Grosvenor Road George Williams
Hamilton Gardens Amarjit Gill & Jay Badley 
Hatherton Gardens Amarjit Gill & Jay Badley 
Hellier Road George Williams
Ireton Road George Williams
Lauderdale Gardens Amarjit Gill & Jay Badley 
Legs Lane George Williams
Lincoln Green George Williams
Moreton Road  George Williams
Northwood Park Close George Williams
Northwood Park Road George Williams
Pendrill Road George Williams
Primrose Avenue George Williams
Rushall Road George Williams
School Lane George Williams
Showell Road Susan Sharma
Somerford Gardens Amarjit Gill & Jay Badley 
Wentworth Road George Williams
Whetstone Grove Michael Hough
Whetstone Road Michael Hough
Wood Lane George Williams



Street name Your Tenancy Officer
Ashenden Rise Luke Charlton
Bagridge Close Luke Charlton
Bagridge Road Luke Charlton
Castlecroft Avenue Luke Charlton
Castlecroft Lane Luke Charlton
Castlecroft Road Luke Charlton
Chelmarsh Avenue Luke Charlton
Clee Hill Drive Luke Charlton
Headland Road Luke Charlton
Kinlet Close Luke Charlton
Pool Hall Crescent Luke Charlton
Pool Hall Road Luke Charlton
Spur Tree Avenue Luke Charlton
Tilbury Close Luke Charlton
Windmill Crescent Luke Charlton
Windmill Lane Luke Charlton
Woodbank Road Luke Charlton

Chetton Green

Street name Your Tenancy Officer
Chetton Green Amarjit Gill & Jay Badley 
Wobaston Court Amarjit Gill & Jay Badley 



Wightwick ward

Street name Your Tenancy Officer
Finchfield Hill Luke Charlton
Henwood Close Lovepreet Kaur 
Henwood Road Lovepreet Kaur 
Sandy Hollow Lovepreet Kaur 


Street name Your Tenancy Officer
Boscobel Crescent Rash Price 
Craddock Street Rash Price 
Dunkley Street Rash Price 
Dunstall Hill Rash Price 
Dunstall Road Rash Price 
Glentworth Gardens Rash Price 
Gorsebrook Road Rash Price 
Jameson Street  Rash Price 
Kirmond Walk Rash Price 



Street name Your Tenancy Officer
Boydon Close Ryan Harris 
Frost Street Ryan Harris 
George Street Ryan Harris 
Hincks Street Ryan Harris 
John Street Ryan Harris 
Junction Road Ryan Harris 
New Street Sid Pawar 
New Street Sid Pawar 
Pembroke Avenue Ryan Harris 
Sidwick Crescent Sid Pawar 
Sweet Briar Road Ryan Harris 
Thorne Street Sid Pawar 
Victor Close Sid Pawar 
Ward Street Ryan Harris 
Wesley Street Sid Pawar 

Fallings Park

Street name Your Tenancy Officer
Oldfallings Crescent Susan Sharma
Oldfallings Lane  Michael Hough
Park Lane Susan Sharma
Princess Court Michael Hough
St Chads Road Michael Hough
The Riddings Michael Hough



Street name Your Tenancy Officer
Bransdale Close Harsharon Bungay
Cromer Gardens Harsharon Bungay
Crosby Close Harsharon Bungay
Dinsdale Walk Harsharon Bungay
Farndale Avenue Harsharon Bungay
Flaxton Walk Harsharon Bungay
Glaisdale Gardens Harsharon Bungay
Ingleby Gardens Harsharon Bungay
Keldy Close Harsharon Bungay
Roxby Gardens Harsharon Bungay
Skipton Green  Harsharon Bungay
Welbury Gardens Harsharon Bungay
Whernside Drive Harsharon Bungay


Street name Your Tenancy Officer
Brantley Avenue Luke Charlton
Broughton Road Luke Charlton
Kemberton Close Luke Charlton
Kemberton Road Luke Charlton
Limehurst Avenue Luke Charlton
Studley Road Luke Charlton
The Acres Luke Charlton
The Terrace Luke Charlton
Westacre Crescent Luke Charlton
White Oak Drive Luke Charlton



Street name Your Tenancy Officer
Ashfield Grove George Williams
Ashfield Road George Williams
Belgrade Road Amarjit Gill & Jay Badley 
Brinsford Road George Williams
Browning Crescent Vanessa Patel 
Burns Avenue Vanessa Patel 
Filey Road Amarjit Gill & Jay Badley 
Harrowby Court Amarjit Gill & Jay Badley 
Harrowby Road Amarjit Gill & Jay Badley 
Ingestre Road Amarjit Gill & Jay Badley 
Kipling Road Vanessa Patel 
Lewisham Road Amarjit Gill & Jay Badley 
Marsh Lane Amarjit Gill & Jay Badley 
Minehead Road Amarjit Gill & Jay Badley 
Oriel Drive George Williams
Patshull Avenue George Williams
Patshull Court Amarjit Gill & Jay Badley 
Patshull Grove George Williams
Redhurst Drive George Williams
Sandon Road Amarjit Gill & Jay Badley 
Sandwell Road Amarjit Gill & Jay Badley 
Shelley Road Vanessa Patel 
Slade Road George Williams
St Annes Road Amarjit Gill & Jay Badley 
Stafford Road (386-696) George Williams
Three Tuns Lane George Williams
Winchester Road Amarjit Gill & Jay Badley 
Witney Grove George Williams


Merry Hill ward

Street name Your Tenancy Officer
Dale Street  Michelle Roberts 
Graiseley Court Michelle Roberts 
Graiseley Street Michelle Roberts 
Grange Court Michelle Roberts 
Great Brickkiln Street Michelle Roberts 
Grosvenor Court Michelle Roberts 
Hallett Drive Michelle Roberts 
Melbury Close Michelle Roberts 
Russell Court Michelle Roberts 
Russell Street Michelle Roberts 
Wulfruna Court Michelle Roberts 


Heath Town

Street name Your Tenancy Officer
Brockfield House Shadrack Mbatha
Campion House Shadrack Mbatha
Chervil Rise (Evans 2-170) Carolyn Harris
Chervil Rise (Odds 1-225, evens 184-342) Carolyn Harris
Clover Ley Shadrack Mbatha
Grove Street Carolyn Harris
Hawthorn House Shadrack Mbatha
Hobgate Road Shadrack Mbatha
Inkerman Street Carolyn Harris 
Lawrence Avenue Shadrack Mbatha
Lincoln House Carolyn Harris 
Lincoln Street (odds 1-31) Carolyn Harris 
Ling House Shadrack Mbatha
Long Ley Carolyn Harris 
Longfield House Carolyn Harris 
Red Oak House Carolyn Harris 
Tithe Croft Carolyn Harris 
Tremont House Carolyn Harris 
Wednesfield Road Carolyn Harris 
Wolverhampton Road (94-104a) Carolyn Harris 

Horseley Fields

Street name Your Tenancy Officer
Duke Street Lewis Bhardwaj
Navigation Street Lewis Bhardwaj
Sharrocks Street Lewis Bhardwaj



Street name Your Tenancy Officer
Bayliss Avenue Lovepreet Kaur 
Bevan Avenue Lovepreet Kaur 
Birmingham New Road (481-515) Lovepreet Kaur 
Birmingham New Road (90-178) Lovepreet Kaur 
Crawford Avenue Lovepreet Kaur 
Dresden Close Lovepreet Kaur 
Elliott Court  Paul Cespedes
Fieldhouse Road Lovepreet Kaur 
Florence Avenue Lovepreet Kaur 
Genthorn Close  Lovepreet Kaur 
Hackford Road Lovepreet Kaur 
Hardie Court Paul Cespedes
Hessian Close Lovepreet Kaur 
Hill Avenue Lovepreet Kaur 
Hilton Road Lovepreet Kaur 
Kenilworth Crescent Lovepreet Kaur 
Laburnum Road Lovepreet Kaur 
Lawnswood Avenue Lovepreet Kaur 
Lyndhurst Court Lovepreet Kaur 
Meadow Lane Lewis Bhardwaj
Meriden Court Paul Cespedes
Moreton Avenue Lovepreet Kaur 
Morris Court Paul Cespedes
Mount Road Paul Cespedes
Needwood Drive  Lovepreet Kaur 
Newman Avenue Lovepreet Kaur 
Norbury Crescent Lovepreet Kaur 
Pritchett Avenue Lovepreet Kaur 
Pruden Avenue Lovepreet Kaur 
Ruskin Avenue Paul Cespedes
Shaw Road Paul Cespedes
Sherwin Avenue  Paul Cespedes
Spring Road  Lovepreet Kaur 
Sunset Place Lovepreet Kaur 
The Laurels  Paul Cespedes
Ward Grove Lovepreet Kaur 
Warwick Court  Paul Cespedes
Wendover Road  Lovepreet Kaur 
Wesley Court  Paul Cespedes
Wolverhampton Road East Lovepreet Kaur 
Wood Street Lovepreet Kaur 
Wordsworth Avenue Lovepreet Kaur 

Long Knowle

Street name Your Tenancy Officer
Arnhem Close Gem Blackburn 
Bealeys Avenue Gem Blackburn 
Bealeys Court Gem Blackburn 
Beech Tree Avenue Gem Blackburn 
Blackwood Avenue  Gem Blackburn 
Guest Avenue Gem Blackburn 
Harper Avenue Gem Blackburn 
Mills Close Gem Blackburn 
Pear Tree Lane Bob Belstone 

Low Hill

Street name Your Tenancy Officer
Broome Road Susan Sharma
Colley Ave Kamla Atwal 
Dickinson Avenue Susan Sharma
Fifth Ave (106-192) Susan Sharma
Fifth Ave (1-109) Kamla Atwal 
First Ave Susan Sharma
Foster Rd Susan Sharma
Fourth Ave (20-80, 29-39) Susan Sharma
Fourth Ave (86-120,41-79) Susan Sharma
Goodyear Ave Susan Sharma
Guy Ave Susan Sharma
Hawksford Crescent Susan Sharma
Kendrick Road Susan Sharma
Luce Road Susan Sharma
Millington Road Susan Sharma
Morrison Avenue Michael Hough
Second Avenue Susan Sharma
Sharman Road Susan Sharma
Showell Circus Kamla Atwal 
Simpson Grove Susan Sharma
Simpson Road Susan Sharma
Stanley Road Michael Hough
Third Avenue Kamla Atwal 


Merry Hill

Street name Your Tenancy Officer
Addison Road Rebecca Wright 
Albert Road  Harsharon Bungay
Alderton Drive Michelle Roberts 
Bantock Avenue Michelle Roberts 
Barn Green Rebecca Wright 
Bassett Close Amie Koner
Bayston Avenue Michelle Roberts 
Bhylls Crescent Amie Koner
Bhylls Lane Amie Koner
Birches Barn Road Rebecca Wright 
Bradmore Road Michelle Roberts 
Bramdean Walk Amie Koner
Burnell Gardens Michelle Roberts 
Chadwick Close Amie Koner
Colesden Close Amie Koner
Fareham Crescent Amie Koner
Foster Avenue  Paul Cespedes
Fozdar Crescent Paul Cespedes
Hamble Road Amie Koner
Havelock Close Michelle Roberts 
Hazel Road Michelle Roberts 
Highfield Court Rebecca Wright 
Hughes Avenue Rebecca Wright 
Kingsclere walk Amie Koner
Langley Road Amie Koner
Little Birches Rebecca Wright 
Lulworth Walk Amie Koner
Mansard Close Rebecca Wright 
Mapel Road Michelle Roberts 
Orchard Cresent Amie Koner
Overton Walk Amie Koner
Oxbarn Avenue Rebecca Wright 
Penwood Court Rebecca Wright 
Skidmore Avenue Michelle Roberts 
St Josephs Court Rebecca Wright 
Strathfield Walk Amie Koner
Sundridge Walk Amie Koner
Victoria Road Rebecca Wright 
Walford Avenue Rebecca Wright 
Warnford Walk Amie Koner
Wenlock Avenue Michelle Roberts 


Street name Your Tenancy Officer
Albany Crescent Sid Pawar 
Arthur Greenwood Court Sid Pawar 
Bagnall Road Sid Pawar 
Chem Road Sid Pawar 
Chillington Place Sid Pawar 
Coronation Road Sid Pawar 
Dawson Square Sid Pawar 
Freezeland Street Sid Pawar 
Gordon Place Sid Pawar 
Hall Park Street Sid Pawar 
Herbert Street Sid Pawar 
Hickman Road Sid Pawar 
Jeavons Place Sid Pawar 
Jenkins Close Sid Pawar 
Lawley Road Sid Pawar 
Livingstone Road Sid Pawar 
Mill Street Sid Pawar 
Millfields Road Sid Pawar 
Park Road Sid Pawar 
Priestfield Street Sid Pawar 
Stanley Place Sid Pawar 
Stom Road Sid Pawar 
Talbot Place Sid Pawar 
Wolverhampton Street Sid Pawar 

Old Heath

Street name Your Tenancy Officer
Abingdon Close Chris Feehan
Abingdon Road Chris Feehan
Ashbourne Road Nikki Tomkinson
Astbury Close Nikki Tomkinson
Atherstone Road Chris Feehan
Barnfield Road Chris Feehan
Bedford Street Nikki Tomkinson
Bewdley Drive Chris Feehan
Birkdale Close Chris Feehan
Boundary Close  Nikki Tomkinson
Bowmans Rise Chris Feehan
Brooklands Parade Chris Feehan
Burcot Avenue Chris Feehan
Bursledon Walk Nikki Tomkinson
Cavendish Gardens Nikki Tomkinson
Cavendish Road Nikki Tomkinson
Challenor Avenue Nikki Tomkinson
Cleveland Close Nikki Tomkinson
Coalport Road Nikki Tomkinson
Colliery Road Nikki Tomkinson
Commercial Road Lewis Bhardwaj
Coventry Street Chris Feehan
Deans Road Nikki Tomkinson
Deansfield Road Nikki Tomkinson
East Park Way Nikki Tomkinson
Eastfield Grove Chris Feehan
Eastfield Retreat Chris Feehan
Eastfield Road Chris Feehan
Essington Way Chris Feehan
Gleaston Walk Nikki Tomkinson
Gosport Close Chris Feehan
Hargreaves Street Chris Feehan
Hawkley Close Chris Feehan
Hawkley Road Chris Feehan
Hillside Gardens Chris Feehan
Hollington Road Nikki Tomkinson
Holloway Street Chris Feehan
Hurstbourne Crescent Chris Feehan
Jonesfield Crescent Chris Feehan
Julian Close Chris Feehan
Julian Road Chris Feehan
Kelsall Close Chris Feehan
Lapley Close Chris Feehan
Ledbury Drive Nikki Tomkinson
Lewis Avenue Chris Feehan
Malvern Drive Nikki Tomkinson
Minton Close Nikki Tomkinson
Old Heath Crescent Nikki Tomkinson
Old Heath Road Nikki Tomkinson
Osier Place Nikki Tomkinson
Osier Street Nikki Tomkinson
Parklands Road Nikki Tomkinson
Plascom Road Nikki Tomkinson
Purslet Road Chris Feehan
Rowlands Avenue Chris Feehan
Rudge Avenue Chris Feehan
St Giles Crescent  Nikki Tomkinson
St Giles Road Nikki Tomkinson
Stanton Road Nikki Tomkinson
Stowheath Lane Nikki Tomkinson
Stowheath Place Nikki Tomkinson
Sydenham Road Chris Feehan
Tadworth Close Nikki Tomkinson
Teesdale Close Chris Feehan
Thornton Road Nikki Tomkinson
Treynham Close Chris Feehan
Tyburn Road Nikki Tomkinson
Uplands Avenue Chris Feehan
Uplands Road Chris Feehan
Walsall Street Lewis Bhardwaj
Warsash Close Chris Feehan
Warwick Street Lewis Bhardwaj
Wentbridge Road Chris Feehan
Wharf Street Lewis Bhardwaj
Willenhall Road (338-551 and 251-433) Nikki Tomkinson
Winster Road Nikki Tomkinson
Woodstock Road Nikki Tomkinson
York Street Lewis Bhardwaj



Street name Your Tenancy Officer
Beech Close Amarjit Gill & Jay Badley 
Beechcroft Place Rash Price 
Douglas Place Rash Price 
Greenwood Road Michael Hough
Kyle Close Amarjit Gill & Jay Badley 
Moorland Avenue Rash Price 
Oxley Avenue Rash Price 
Stafford Road (235-249) Amarjit Gill & Jay Badley 

Park Village

Street name Your Tenancy Officer
Prosser Street Amarjit Gill & Jay Badley 
Prosser Street Amarjit Gill & Jay Badley 
Silverdale Drive Amarjit Gill & Jay Badley 


Street name Your Tenancy Officer
Barnard Place Ryan Harris 
Birmingham Road Lewis Bhardwaj
Bowen Street Lewis Bhardwaj
Dixon Street Ryan Harris 
Hayling Grove Lewis Bhardwaj
Joan Street Ryan Harris 
Legge Street Ryan Harris 
Martin Street Lewis Bhardwaj
Parkfield Crescent Ryan Harris 
Parkfield Grove Ryan Harris 
Parkfield Road Ryan Harris 
Thompson Avenue Ryan Harris 
Vale Street Ryan Harris 
Warwick Street Lewis Bhardwaj
Willcock Road Ryan Harris 
Windsor Road Lewis Bhardwaj

Pendeford Park

Street name Your Tenancy Officer
Blaydon Road Gem Blackburn 
Chaldon Close Gem Blackburn 
Emsworth Close Gem Blackburn
Hambledon Close Gem Blackburn 
Highbrook Close Gem Blackburn 
Holbury Close Gem Blackburn 
Penshaw Close Gem Blackburn 
Rathwell Close Gem Blackburn 
Ryhope Walk Gem Blackburn 
Whitburn Close Gem Blackburn 



Street name Your Tenancy Officer
Alexandra Road Amie Koner
Buckley Road Amie Koner
Fancourt Avenue Amie Koner
Oakley Grove Amie Koner
Oakley Road Amie Koner
Penn Road Lewis Bhardwaj
Pinfold Crescent Amie Koner
Pinfold Lane Amie Koner
Reedham Gardens Amie Koner
Swan Bank Lewis Bhardwaj


Pennfields/Chapel Ash

Street name Your Tenancy Officer
Ash Street Michelle Roberts 
Dalton Street Michelle Roberts 
Elm Street Michelle Roberts 
Hornbean Walk Michelle Roberts 
Jeffcock Road Rebecca Wright 
Kimberley Street Michelle Roberts 
Lime Street Michelle Roberts 
Lonsdale Road Michelle Roberts 
Lord Street Michelle Roberts 
Merridale Court Rebecca Wright 
Merridale Street Michelle Roberts 
Norfolk Road Michelle Roberts 
Oak Street Michelle Roberts 
Owen Road Michelle Roberts 
St Phillips Grove Michelle Roberts 
Zoar Street Michelle Roberts 



Street name Your Tenancy Officer
Evans Street Gemma Wildey
Brook Road Gemma Wildey
Millichip Road Gemma Wildey
Portobello Close Gemma Wildey
Vernon Close Gemma Wildey
Willenhall Road
(163 – 433 odds & 659-765 Odds)
Gemma Wildey



Street name Your Tenancy Officer
Elmdon Close Gem Blackburn 
Elmdon Road Gem Blackburn 
Hampton Road  Gem Blackburn 
Henley Road Gem Blackburn 
Meriden Road Gem Blackburn 
Probert Road Gem Blackburn 
Renton Grove Gem Blackburn 
Renton Road Gem Blackburn 
Sheldon Road Gem Blackburn 


Rough Hills

Street name Your Tenancy Officer
Bronte Road Ryan Harris 
Cheviot Road Ryan Harris 
Cotswold Road Ryan Harris 
Durberville Close Ryan Harris 
Durberville Road Ryan Harris 
Hardy Square Ryan Harris 
Ivanhoe Road Ryan Harris 
Lawn Road Ryan Harris 
Mendip Close Ryan Harris 
Myatt Avenue Ryan Harris 
Myatt Close Ryan Harris 
Myrtle Street Ryan Harris 
Rooker Avenue Ryan Harris 
Rough Hills Close Ryan Harris 
Rough Hills Road Ryan Harris 
St Martins Close Ryan Harris 
St Saviors Close Ryan Harris 
Trentham Rise Ryan Harris 
Wessex Road Ryan Harris 
Wheatley Street Ryan Harris 
Whittaker Street Ryan Harris 



Street name Your Tenancy Officer
Bradburn Road Gem Blackburn 
Byron Road Kamla Atwal 
Cannock Road (342-474) Michael Hough
Cannock Road (703-899) Michael Hough
Carlyle Grove Kamla Atwal 
Carlyle Road Kamla Atwal 
Chesterton Road Michael Hough
Croft Lane Michael Hough
Dickens Road Kamla Atwal 
Dryden Road Michael Hough
Emerson Grove Michael Hough
Emerson Road Michael Hough
Gough Avenue Gem Blackburn 
Grasmere Close Gem Blackburn 
Helmsley Road Gem Blackburn 
Keats Grove Michael Hough
Keats Road Kamla Atwal 
Leason Lane Michael Hough
Masefield Road Kamla Atwal 
Meredith Road Gem Blackburn 
Newman Road Kamla Atwal 
Oldfallings Lane (34) Michael Hough
Primrose Lane Michael Hough
Queens Court Michael Hough
Redcotts Close Michael Hough
Ruskin Road Michael Hough
Rydal Close Gem Blackburn 
Tennyson Road Kamla Atwal 
Wheeler Road Gem Blackburn 
Wordsworth Road Michael Hough



Street name Your Tenancy Officer
Giffard Road Chris Feehan



Street name Your Tenancy Officer
Alamein Road Gemma Wildey
Arnhem Road Gemma Wildey
Bayliss Close Sharon Downes
Beach Road Sharon Downes
Best Road Sharon Downes
Broadmeadow Green Sharon Downes
Bulger Road Sharon Downes
Cherry Wood Green Sharon Downes
Church Green Sharon Downes
Clem Attlee Court Sharon Downes
Clement Place Sharon Downes
Clement Road Sharon Downes
Cumberland Road Sharon Downes
Dilloways Lane Gemma Wildey
Eleanor Road Sharon Downes
Etheridge Road Sharon Downes
Fairway Green Sharon Downes
Fellows Road Sharon Downes
Fieldside Walk Sharon Downes
Froggat Road Sharon Downes
Golf Lane Sharon Downes
Green Lanes (142-171) Sharon Downes
Green Lanes (25-127) Sharon Downes
Green Park Avenue Sharon Downes
Green Park Drive Sharon Downes
Hill Road Gemma Wildey
Hugh Gaitskell Court Sharon Downes
Hughes Place Sharon Downes
Lambeth Road Sharon Downes
Langdale Drive Sharon Downes
Lawnside Green Sharon Downes
Lime Grove Sharon Downes
Middleway Green Sharon Downes
Mount Road Gemma Wildey
Oaklands Green Sharon Downes
Park Meadow Avenue Sharon Downes
Park View Road Sharon Downes
Price Crescent Sharon Downes
Prouds Lane Sharon Downes
School Green Sharon Downes
School Walk Sharon Downes
Tobruk Walk Gemma Wildey
Vaughan Road Gemma Wildey
Westfield Road Sharon Downes
Winston Churchill Court Sharon Downes
Wolseley Road Sharon Downes


Wightwick Ward

Street name Your Tenancy Officer
Cornwall Road Luke Charlton
Davenport Road Luke Charlton
Fieldhead Place Luke Charlton
Grange Road Luke Charlton
Hinckes Road Luke Charlton
Manor Street Luke Charlton
Regis Road Luke Charlton
The Poynings Luke Charlton
Upper Street Luke Charlton
Woodhouse Road North Luke Charlton

Tettenhall Wood

Wightwick Ward

Street name Your Tenancy Officer
Bromfield Court Lovepreet Kaur
Kinfare Drive Luke Charlton
Kingsley Avenue Luke Charlton
Long Lake Avenue Luke Charlton
Mill Lane Luke Charlton
Northdale Luke Charlton
Oak Green Luke Charlton
Penk Rise Luke Charlton
Regina Crescent Luke Charlton
Rising Brook Luke Charlton
School Road Luke Charlton
Wood End Place Luke Charlton
Woodhouse Road Luke Charlton
Woodland Avenue Luke Charlton


Street name Your Tenancy Officer
Edgehill Avenue Kamla Atwal 
Highfield Avenue Kamla Atwal 
Pope Road Kamla Atwal 
Underhill Cottages Kamla Atwal 
Underhill Lane Kamla Atwal 
Waterhead Close Kamla Atwal 
Waterhead Drive Kamla Atwal 
Westcroft Avenue Kamla Atwal 
Wildtree Avenue Kamla Atwal 
Wildtree Cottages Kamla Atwal 



Street name Your Tenancy Officer
Connaught House Harsharon Bungay
Lower Vauxhall Harsharon Bungay
Sutherland House Harsharon Bungay
Upper Vauxhall Harsharon Bungay
Vauxhall Avenue Harsharon Bungay
Vauxhall House Harsharon Bungay



Merry Hill

Street name Your Tenancy Officer
Arley Grove Amie Koner
Beckbury Avenue Amie Koner
Boundary Way Amie Koner
Claverley Drive Amie Koner
Draycott Close Amie Koner
East Green Amie Koner
Eastcroft Road Amie Koner
Enville Road Amie Koner
Highgate Avenue Amie Koner
Kingslow Avenue Amie Koner
Kinver Drive Amie Koner
Leasowes Drive Amie Koner
Ludstone Avenue Amie Koner
North Green Amie Koner
Pinfold Grove Amie Koner
Rindleford Avenue Amie Koner
South Green Amie Koner
Stourton Drive Amie Koner
Swancote Drive Amie Koner
Warstones Drive Amie Koner
Warstones Garden Amie Koner
Warstones Road Amie Koner
West Green Amie Koner
Wolverley Avenue Amie Koner


Street name Your Tenancy Officer
Amos Lane  Vanessa Patel 
Bates Grove Shadrack Mbatha
Bellamy Lane Vanessa Patel 
Bolton Road Lisa Richards
Bonny Stile Lane Vanessa Patel 
Bramerton Close Vanessa Patel 
Broomhall Avenue Gem Blackburn 
Bushbury Road Vanessa Patel 
Castlebridge Gardens Lisa Richards
Castlebridge Road Lisa Richards
Cherry Grove Vanessa Patel 
Chestnut Grove Vanessa Patel 
Colman Avenue Lisa Richards
Coronation Road Shadrack Mbatha
Davenport Road Gem Blackburn 
Day Avenue Gem Blackburn 
Dudley Crescent Gem Blackburn 
East Avenue Vanessa Patel 
Eversley Grove Vanessa Patel 
Frome Drive Vanessa Patel 
Graiseley Lane Vanessa Patel 
Gregory Court Lisa Richards
Grosvenor Court Lisa Richards
Haden Crescent Lisa Richards
Hampstead Close Lisa Richards
Hart Road Lisa Richards
Hazel Grove Vanessa Patel 
High Street Lisa Richards
Hyde Road Gem Blackburn 
Hylstone Crescent Gem Blackburn 
Lathe Court Lisa Richards
Lawrence Avenue (Perry Hall) Lisa Richards
Lich Avenue Bob Belstone 
Lichfield Road
(225-283a, 309, 319, 325, 349 & 363)
Bob Belstone 
Lichfield Road
Lisa Richards
Lichwood Road Bob Belstone 
Linthouse Lane Lisa Richards
Lower Prestwood Road Gem Blackburn 
Lyd Close Vanessa Patel 
March End Road Lisa Richards
Mattox Road Bob Belstone 
Merrick Road Lisa Richards
Milton Road Vanessa Patel 
Moatgreen Avenue Bob Belstone 
Moathouse Lane East Gem Blackburn 
Moathouse Lane West Bob Belstone 
Nordley Road Vanessa Patel 
North Avenue Vanessa Patel 
Okement Drive Vanessa Patel 
Olinthus Avenue Bob Belstone 
Orchard Road Vanessa Patel 
Perry Hall Road Lisa Richards
Pickering Road Lisa Richards
Pool Road Lisa Richards
Prestwood Road Shadrack Mbatha
Prestwood Road West Shadrack Mbatha
Pritchard Avenue Gem Blackburn 
Ratcliffe Road Lisa Richards
Ridge Lane Lisa Richards
Ryton Close Shadrack Mbatha
School Road Vanessa Patel 
South Avenue Vanessa Patel 
Stubby Lane Lisa Richards
The Grove Michael Hough
Thorneycroft Lane Shadrack Mbatha
Thrushel Walk Vanessa Patel 
Tithe Road Lisa Richards
Torridge Drive Vanessa Patel 
Vicarage Road Vanessa Patel 
Victoria Road Vanessa Patel 
Waddensbrook Lane Lisa Richards
West Avenue Vanessa Patel 
William Bentley Court Vanessa Patel 
Woden Avenue Vanessa Patel 
Woden Crescent Vanessa Patel 
Woden Road Vanessa Patel 
Woden Way Vanessa Patel 
Wodensfield Tower Vanessa Patel 
Wood Avenue Gem Blackburn 
Wood End Road Vanessa Patel 
Wright Avenue  Gem Blackburn 
Wyrley Road Lisa Richards

Whitmore Reans

Street name Your Tenancy Officer
Austin Street Rash Price 
Bright Street Rash Price 
Chester Street Rash Price 
Coleman Street Harsharon Bungay
Devoran Close Rash Price 
Evans Street Rash Price 
Fawdry Street Rash Price 
Gatis Street Rash Price 
Gibbs Street Harsharon Bungay
Great Hampton Street Rash Price 
Harrow Street Rash Price 
Hordern Grove Harsharon Bungay
Hordern Road Harsharon Bungay
Hunter Street Rash Price 
Kenton Avenue Harsharon Bungay
Kingsland Road Harsharon Bungay
Leicester Street Rash Price 
Lowe Street Rash Price 
Manby Close Rash Price 
Newbridge Street Rash Price 
Newhampton Road West Harsharon Bungay
Northam Walk Rash Price 
Park Crescent Harsharon Bungay
Rugby Street Rash Price 
Sherwood Street Rash Price 
St Andrews House  Rash Price 
Sweetman Street Harsharon Bungay
Tettenhall Road Harsharon Bungay
Walpole Street Harsharon Bungay
Whitmore House Rash Price 



Street name Your Tenancy Officer
Bridgnorth Road

Lovepreet Kaur


Street name Your Tenancy Officer
Moseley Road Gemma Wildey


Street name Your Tenancy Officer
Abney Drive Paul Cespedes
Baker Avenue Paul Cespedes
Bate Street  Paul Cespedes
Beach Avenue Paul Cespedes
Bellevue Street Paul Cespedes
Brough Close  Paul Cespedes
Brynmawr Road Paul Cespedes
Childs Avenue  Paul Cespedes
Clare Crescent  Paul Cespedes
Darby Close Paul Cespedes
Dawson Avenue  Paul Cespedes
Dovedale Road Paul Cespedes
Ettingshall Road Paul Cespedes
Falcon Crescent Paul Cespedes
Genge Avenue  Lovepreet Kaur 
Hackett Close Paul Cespedes
Hall Lane  Paul Cespedes
Hateley Drive  Lovepreet Kaur 
Hurst Road Paul Cespedes
Jack Holden Avenue Paul Cespedes
Kossuth Road Paul Cespedes
Miller Crescent Paul Cespedes
Mobberley Road  Paul Cespedes
Nally Drive  Paul Cespedes
Pointon Close  Paul Cespedes
Pugh Road  Paul Cespedes
Robert Wynd Paul Cespedes
Rookery Road  Paul Cespedes
Smith Close Paul Cespedes
Smout Crescent  Paul Cespedes
Stretton Place Paul Cespedes
Swann Road  Paul Cespedes
Turner Avenue  Paul Cespedes
Waddell Close  Paul Cespedes
Wathan Avenue  Paul Cespedes
Watson Road  Paul Cespedes
Watton Close Paul Cespedes
Woodcross Lane Paul Cespedes
Woodcross Street Paul Cespedes


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