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We understand the benefits that mobility scooters can provide and wish to support all of our tenants and residents to retain their independence as much as is possible.

Mobility scooters, buggies and other motorised mobility vehicles must not be stored in communal areas under any circumstances. This applies to both tenants and their visitors who use such vehicles. Finding secure storage and charging areas for these vehicles is particularly difficult in communal schemes where safe access and fire safety is paramount. It is also important that these vehicles are not stored where they present a safety risk/nuisance to the user, other residents and vehicles.

Your Questions Answered:

Am I allowed to have a mobility scooter?+

Yes. You do not need written permission but you must only store your scooter inside your home. You must not leave it in any communal area. This also applies to any visitors you may have who are using a scooter or other motorised mobility vehicle.

Am I allowed to drive my mobility scooter in the flats?+

Yes. Please restrict your speed to walking pace and remain aware of other tenants and residents. Should there be any damage done to lifts, walls, doors or other communal areas due to the impact caused by a scooter, Wolverhampton Homes may charge you for this.

Where should I store my mobility scooter?+

You should store it inside your home, in a room with a door and a smoke detector. We advise you to keep the door shut when charging your scooter. We also recommend that you purchase a scooter with a gel-type battery.

How do I charge my scooter?+

Mobility scooters and other motorised vehicles require regular charging of their batteries. During this activity, they should be positioned in a dry and sheltered environment.

What happens if my scooter will not fit in my home?+

We advise you trade in your scooter for a smaller model and we recommend the collapsible models, which are the most suitable for storing inside a home. The companies listed below will be happy to help you.

Do I need to insure my scooter?+

Yes. We strongly recommend you take out special insurance for your scooter, in addition to Home Contents Insurance.



The Motability Scheme

The Motability Scheme provides a simple way to enjoy a new scooter without the worry of owning and running one. Today, around 600,000 disabled people and their families benefit from the worry-free mobility available throughout the Scheme. To find out more please visit the Motability website.

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