Believing in accessibility for all

Fulvio, 22, from Penn, Wolverhampton

I started my apprenticeship back in 2017 when I was 17 – so much has happened since, it seems like a lifetime ago now!

I first became interested in property and construction while I was at school. I’d done some construction-based projects, which involved tiling, carpentry and bricklaying, among other things. I found I enjoyed it and wanted to learn more.

I was never really that academic at school, partly due to my dyslexia, and was worried that it would limit my options. But I took the advice of people at school and attended a careers fair and decided to explore the apprenticeship route. The more I learnt about apprenticeships, the more I felt it was the right path for me. I learnt about Wolverhampton Homes’ apprenticeship programme through an advertisement at college. I had nothing to lose, so I went for it and after quite a straightforward application process I was in!

My apprenticeship got off to a great start and the support I received was amazing. It was very hands-on and my mentor encouraged me to step outside my comfort zone and gave me the confidence to see I do have what it takes to succeed.

People sometimes think apprenticeships are all about the trade, but they’re so much more than that. Yes, I learnt all about bricklaying and other trades, but I also learnt about business acumen, communication and customer service. It opened my eyes to a whole host of other skills that I knew would open doors for me.

I completed my apprenticeship and qualified as a bricklayer, and recently, I successfully applied for the role of Assistant Property Supervisor. I’d like to be in a management position one day, and I’m confident that if I continue to learn and develop, Wolverhampton Homes will support me to achieve it.

The biggest piece of advice I would give to someone considering an apprenticeship is not to be put off by the starting salary. An apprenticeship is a stepping stone to something bigger, and if you’re willing to work hard and be open to new ideas, you’ll have access to the opportunities that will help you to achieve your goals.