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Carrying out your own alterations

Before making any alterations to your property, you will first need to request permission and obtain our written consent. Examples of alterations you will need consent for include:

  • new windows and exterior doors
  • removal of any walls
  • plumbing, electrical and gas works
  • laminate flooring
  • loft conversions

We will only deny consent if the alterations you are proposing pose a health and safety concern, are likely to cause a nuisance to your neighbours, or put you or us in direct breach of your leasehold agreement.

For some alterations, you will also need planning permission or building regulations approval, or sometimes both before carrying out the work.

Find out more on the City of Wolverhampton Council’s website.

If you carry out any alterations to your property without our written consent, you will be in breach of your lease. We may then have no option but to ask you to return your property to its original condition at your own expense. If you refuse or are unable to do this, we may have to reinstate the property on your behalf and charge you for our costs. If you come to sell your property, we are also obliged to tell the solicitors about any alterations and whether consent was given. If alterations have been carried out without our consent, it may cause problems or delays with the sale.

Request permission to carry out alterations