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Advice about home alterations

You need our written permission before carrying out any alterations to your home. We will not refuse permission without good reason. Here are some things you should know before starting any work:

  • it is a breach of your tenancy to carry out alterations without our written permission. To request permission, please contact us
  • any alterations carried out by you will be at your own expense and will incur no cost to Wolverhampton Homes
  • you are responsible for any alterations you make, including all future maintenance and repair
  • before you move out, you may be asked to return the property to its original condition. This will be done at your own expense, minus any fair wear and tear
  • you must ensure that your alterations will not prevent or disrupt any future maintenance carried out by us. For example, they should not block access to any pipework, electrical outlets, or stop taps
  • we may ask you to change your alterations if it's necessary for us to complete maintenance work. These changes would be arranged by you and at your own expense. If you fail to make the changes within the proposed timescale, we may carry out the work on your behalf and recharge you. We are unable to guarantee that your alterations will be restored once our maintenance work is complete
  • for some requests, we may ask you to submit the plans, including timescales, of the work you would like to have done before we give consent
  • where consent is given, you must allow our staff reasonable access to inspect the work once completed
  • we may give you a timescale to complete certain works. After this time, we will complete an inspection. Any corrective work identified during the inspection should be undertaken by you and at your own expense. If you fail to complete the work to our specifications or within the proposed timescale, we may carry out the work on your behalf and recharge you
  • if you use a contractor, you must make sure that they are fully qualified and hold the necessary certification before they carry out the work. You can check this on the Gas Safe Register
  • you and any contractors you use must abide by all current building regulations and requirements in force at the time. All materials used must conform to current European standards and specifications. You must get a gas safety certificate for any gas work carried out and forward this to us on completion of the work
  • please be careful of the potential presence of asbestos in your home. Before carrying out any DIY or alterations, you should contact us or employ a hazardous waste licensed contractor to carry out an asbestos survey
  • you must not paint the castings of gas appliances or electrical fittings. The paint may give off toxic fumes or even catch fire. If we have to replace any fittings because you have painted them, we will recharge you for any costs
  • when decorating, you should not use polystyrene tiles on walls or ceilings, or fit decra-led or similar products on windows