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Sprinklers in flats

We are in the process of installing sprinkler systems in all our tower blocks. The video below will give you an understanding of what the sprinklers are there for and how they will protect you from fire in your home.

  • Why do you need sprinklers?

    Sprinklers save lives. Having sprinklers in your home essentially puts a firefighter in the room. They protect your flat from fire around the clock. They are also great for the environment as they use limited water, with only the sprinkler nearest the fire activated in an emergency due to heat detectors.

  • Looking after your sprinklers

    Sprinklers will be serviced and kept in good working order by us, however, you also need to do your bit. Please remember to:

    • take extra care when decorating. Don’t tamper with, paint or damage the sprinkler heads or cover plates
    • make sure that tall items of furniture or ornaments do not shield the sprinkler heads as this may obstruct the flow of water
    • never hang anything on the sprinkler

    If you are carrying out any activities that might affect the sprinklers, then please ask for advice and contact us.

Richard's story

A fire broke out in a tower block of ours, where the customer had been using a chip pan and fallen asleep. Their life was saved by the activation of the sprinkler in their kitchen. The fire happened in the early hours of the morning, and was put out quickly with minor fire damage to the flat and water damage to the impacted area only. Key takeaways are:

Thanks to my sprinklers and working fire alarms, I was kept safe in my flat. You don't think it will happen to you, but it did, and I'm so thankful my life was saved.

Resident of Boscobel Crescent