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Overwhelming response received for winter warmth grants

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Important update - 25 March 2021

We have received a very large number of requests for the winter warmth grants so unfortunately the scheme is currently closed to new applicants. If funding is still available when all current applications have been processed, we will update this page with more information. Thank you.



We have secured funding to help people to stay warm at home, and customers are being invited to benefit by applying for a winter warmth grant.

Though winter is behind us, the cold weather in the run-up to Spring means that many are finding it difficult to stay warm at home. The winter warmth grants, which are administered by our Money Smart team, are tailored to customers' individual needs. So far, we have awarded thousands of pounds to hundreds of customers to support them with:

  • new bedding
  • thermal curtains
  • cooking appliances
  • help with energy bills
  • food
  • and more

The winter warmth grants are not means-tested, meaning anyone can benefit, regardless of their financial situation. However, funding is limited and the grants are awarded on a first come first served basis, so customers are encouraged to apply as soon as possible.

What a difference a grant can make...

A customer in her 80s was struggling to keep warm at home. When her Tenancy Officer became aware of her situation, they made a referral to our Money Smart team. It turned out she had been struggling to keep warm for a while and was spending more on heating, so wasn't able to buy the things she needed. Money Smart awarded her a winter warmth grant, which they used to buy her a new duvet, duvet cover, and sheets, as well as some thermal curtains for her bedroom and living room.

I'm so grateful. I'd got used to how things were, so I didn't think to ask for help. I can't believe the difference the new bedding and curtains have made. I just wish I'd got in touch sooner.

Tenant, 85

A customer had his cooker condemned but couldn't afford a new one. He got in touch and our Money Smart team offered to get him a new electric cooker through one of our winter warmth grants. A local group stepped in ahead of the grant, so instead, we helped him out by buying him some new bedding and giving him a £45 energy top-up. 

I was devastated when my cooker was condemned as I relied on it for most of my meals. Between Wolverhampton Homes and my friends, they've really turned my situation around and I'm better off now than I was before. Thank you so much!

Tenant, 67

A young, single mother had fallen on hard times and was struggling to look after herself and her two children with limited help. Her Tenancy Officer stepped in and made a referral to our Money Smart team. They worked with the customer to make some positive changes in her life, and awarded her a winter warmth grant which paid for new mattresses, bedding, and some throws.

I didn't know this sort of help was available, so I didn't think to ask. The Money Smart Officer was great - the items were ordered on the same day and arrived two days later.

Tenant, 28

A customer who lives alone faced problems after a payment was deducted from his bank account twice in error, leaving him short. We arranged a food parcel for him, but when we saw that his bedding was old and inadequate, we also awarded him a winter warmth grant which paid for a thick new duvet, a fleece throw, and an electric blanket. 

I can't put into words how grateful I am. I was so happy with the support they gave me, I rang them back in tears. They've made such a difference to me you won't believe it.

Tenant, 34

How to apply

Applications for winter warmth grants are currently closed. 


For more ways to contact us, please visit our contact us page.

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