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Providing quality services that meet your needs

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We are always looking at new ways of improving what we do. And it's important to us that you receive good quality housing services that meet your needs.

As the country continues to regroup and recover from the Covid-19 pandemic, and we work closely with the City of Wolverhampton Council to ‘Relight our City’, now more than ever, we need to know what matters to you most. We want to hear your feedback about our services such as repairs, communication, customer service and involvement.

We've teamed up with Acuity Research, an independent research company to carry out surveys for us each month. Acuity are one of the industry's leading research experts and a member of the Market Research Society, and we have asked them to contact customers on our behalf. 

Tell us what you think...

As a customer of Wolverhampton Homes, you may receive a phone call from Acuity Research. The interviewer may want you to talk about your experiences accessing one of our services, ask for your views on your area or home, or how you interact with us.

If you can, please take a few moments to share your thoughts. The survey will usually take less than 10 minutes and the results will help us continually shape and improve the services we provide to you.

The feedback you give will be treated in confidence and managed in accordance with data protection legislation (GDPR). If you have any questions about how we manage your data, please read our privacy policy.  

Acuity will never ask you for your bank details or other confidential information. The number they will call from is 01273 093939, and please don’t worry if you miss the call, Acuity will usually try to call you again at least one more time so you have an opportunity to give your feedback.

We look forward to hearing your views and thank you in advance for taking the time to complete our survey. Every three months, we will update you in our newsletter and via our website, to explain what customers have told us how we are using your feedback to continually improve our services.