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Photo of two tenants swapping keys

If you're already a secure tenant and you're looking for a new home - a mutual exchange or house swap can be a quick and easy way to move to a property that suits you better. You don't need to be on a waiting list or have a housing need.

A mutual exchange may take place between two or more secure council tenants or between a council tenant and a tenant of a registered social landlord who lives in or outside the city.

Introductory tenants are not legally able to exchange - this is explained in the Tenancy Agreement.

There are a range of services that may be available to help you with the cost of moving including:

  • packing and removals
  • disconnections and reconnections of appliances
  • decoration
  • disposal of belongings.

How Do I Find a Swap?

1. Register with Homeswapper  

Homeswapper is a free exchange website where you can advertise your home, search for a swap by postcode and apply online when you've found a swap.

Make sure you upload lots of nice photos to show off your home to possible swappers. 

Homeswapper also have an app so you can check your exchanges on the go.

(Swap and Move will be closing on 18th May. If you are registered with Swap and Move we will be working with you to move your application to Homeswapper during April.)

Other places to advertise 

There are Facebook groups and pages which you can use to advertise your home to other tenants. This is a great way to find a swap but please be careful about giving your address and contact details to strangers. Here are a few links:


2. What happens when I've found a swap?

When you've found someone to swap with, fill in the exchange form to give us your details and the details of the tenant you want to swap with.

Once we've received your form, we'll send you an acknowledgement within five days. We'll need to carry out some checks before you can move, these are checks about you, your exchange partner and your homes. It can take up to 42 days to complete these checks but we aim to finish them earlier.

When everything has been agreed, we'll ask you to come into the office to sign the paperwork and we'll give you a date when you'll be able to move. 

If you have any rent arrears, or other housing debts, and want to move - contact us as soon as possible.

FAQs +

What is an exchange?
An exchange or home swap is where two social housing tenants, with the permission of their landlords, exchange their tenancies. It is a local and national database.

I’m a new tenant, how soon can I mutual exchange?
You need to be a secure tenant to exchange, so you need to have held your tenancy for 12 months and not be an introductory tenant. 

What size property can I have?
This will depend on the policy of the landlord who owns the property you hope to swap into. You will need to check with them to make sure that you are eligible to move into the property.

Will I have the same rights under my tenancy if I swap?
The terms of your tenancy may change when you swap homes. You may get different rights so you should check this with your new landlord before you go ahead with a swap.

How do I find people to swap homes with?
On Homeswapper you will be given matches. A 'match’ is another person who you may be able to swap with. They want the kind of home you have, and you want the kind of home they have. Matches are based on property location, number of bedrooms and type of property (house, flat etc). The matches you see are based on the information you have saved in your account. If you change this information you will see different matches.

Who can download the Homeswapper App?
• Apple Iphone users on iOS 5 or above
• Android users using 5.1 or above

How much is the Homeswapper App?
Nothing, it’s absolutely free.

I have forgotten my Homeswapper password - what do I do?
Go to our forgotten password page. You will need to enter your email address, and then we will send you an email to help you sign back in again.

How long does my membership of Homeswapper last?
Your membership will last until you cancel it but you if you don’t sign in to Homeswapper for over three months then your account will be closed.


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