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You need to tell us about any repairs that are our responsibility straight away.

If a repair is an emergency please contact us by phone or webchat straight away, do not report it online.

You can book most non-emergency repairs online and choose your appointment slot. If you book online you'll be offered the first available appointment - usually within one or two days, if that's not convenient you can choose another one. (Major repairs including slabbing, plastering and brickwork can take up to 90 calendar days.)

Emergency repairs

Emergencies will be responded to within 2, 6 or 24 hours depending on the nature of the problem. These can include:

  • Gas leaks - if you suspect you have a gas leak you should report it immediately to the National Grid emergency 24 hour hotline, Freephone 0800 111 999.
  • Burst pipes, leaking water from pipes, tanks or cisterns - if the leak cannot be contained
  • Total loss of electric power (call 105 first to check if there's a power cut)
  • Unsafe power, lighting, sockets or electrical fittings
  • Blocked or leaking foul drains, soil stacks or (where there is no other working toilet in property) toilet pans
  • Toilets not flushing (where no other working toilet is in the property)
  • Insecure external windows, doors or locks
  • Total or partial loss of the gas supply
  • Blocked flues to an open fire or boiler
  • Total or partial loss of heating or water heating, between 31st October and 1st May.

Repairs which are your responsibility

There are some repairs which are your responsibility, these are listed in your tenancy agreement and include replacing:

  • Standard domestic bulbs and light fitting starters.
  • Electrical fuses and resetting of master circuit boards (fuse boards) and trip switches (fuses).
  • Plugs and chains to waste pipes in sinks or baths.
  • Shower hoses, shower heads, shower curtains and rails.
  • Toilet seats.
  • Clothes lines.

Please check your tenancy agreement for the full list. 


If you ask for a repair to rear fencing, we will only replace complete sections of fence if they meet the following criteria:
Fencing which:
  • backs on to open land;
  • borders an alleyway;
  • backs onto a garage site/car park;
  • borders a canal or railway embankment;
  • surrounds communal areas to all flats;
  • constitutes a health and safety risk i.e. risk of falling due to a sheer drop;
  • is next to a main highway ‘A’ road;
  • or is needed to help resolve issues of anti-social behaviour (if supported by our ASB team). 

In special circumstances, we will sometimes replace front or rear fencing even if it doesn't meet the above criteria - each case is judged on its own merits. 

Where fencing is replaced, the cost of the work will be levied against the property in the form of a weekly charge added to the rent, subject to it meeting the charging criteria. 

If your fencing does not meet this criteria and doesn't qualify for immediate replacement, it may be replaced as part of the fencing programme.

Your Right to Repair

The Right to Repair is a national scheme for council tenants. It makes sure that certain small urgent repairs which might affect your health, safety or security, are done quickly and easily. We are required by law to carry these out within a certain time. If we don't complete it in time, you can ask us to hire another contractor to do the work. If the second contractor doesn’t do the work in time, we will pay you compensation.

Only certain types of issues are covered under the Right to Repair scheme. These are called qualifying repairs. They include insecure windows and doors, unsafe power sockets or electrical fittings, leaking roofs and broken entry phone systems.

To find out more please visit the Citizens Advice Bureau website.

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