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Picture showing the rear garden of a Wolverhampton Homes property with brightly coloured flowers and plants

Well maintained gardens look nice and can be a great source of enjoyment for you and your family.

Overgrown gardens, on the other hand, don't look very nice at all. They can also be dangerous and cause problems for you and your neighbours.

If you live in a flat

We look after any communal gardens. These are gardens that are shared.  Our partner, Continental Landscapes, will mow lawns, cut hedges and tend to shrub beds.  If you would like to know the dates when this work is likely to take place, please take a look at the Continental Landscapes website. 

If you live in a house or a flat with your own garden

It is your responsibility to maintain your own garden, both front and back. You should mow your lawns regularly and cut back any hedges so that they don’t cause a nuisance or risk to anyone.

We know that some people have trouble gardening. You might not be very mobile or perhaps you work long hours. This is why we offer a Tidy Garden Scheme. This service is open to everyone. We can help you to look after your garden by keeping it in a manageable condition for you.


You must get our permission before chopping down any trees or large branches. Tending to trees without the proper knowledge, skills and tools can be extremely dangerous and sadly, the consequences can be fatal. Your safety and that of your neighbours is our top priority, so please be sure to get in touch first. Chopping down trees without our permission could be classed as a breach of your tenancy and land you in serious trouble.  

Visit our webpage on trees for more information.

Japanese Knotweed

Japanese Knotweed can be a very aggressive weed. It is a tall fast-growing plant, with bamboo-like stems and small white flowers.

It begins to grow in early spring and can grow in any type of soil. If you think you have identified Japanese Knotweed in your home or garden please contact us straight away and we will arrange for Continental Landscapes to come out and inspect it.

Please don’t try to deal with it yourself. We’ll make sure it’s professionally dealt with so it doesn’t spread.

We'll visit four times a year and chemically treat the knotweed. Don't worry, the treatment is not harmful to people or pets. For more information, please read the helpful leaflet attached below:

Japanese Knotweed Information Leaflet.pdf


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