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Help and advice about looking after trees and what to do if a tree is a problem.

Trees are an important part of your community. They help to create a peaceful and pleasing environment, they provide shade to help cool your home during the summer and block the harsh winter winds in winter.

Although trees offer many benefits, if they become overgrown they are unsightly, potentially hazardous and can create problems for you and your neighbours. You should not plant any tree or shrubs that will grow taller than 3 metres within 10 metres of your home.

You should report a tree if:

  •  It is dangerous, dead, diseased or causing disrepair to your home
  •  The base of the tree, its roots or the land surrounding it is visibly moving
  •  There is a large split on any part of the tree
  •  There are large holes at the bottom of the tree, possibly with crumbling wood
  •  Damage has been caused by poor weather conditions
  •  There is a risk to public safety
  •  The tree or roots are blocking or causing a hazard on pathways
  •  Specialist treatment is required to control or remove growth e.g. Japanese knot weed
  •  If branches are obscuring street lights or road signs
  •  If the roots are causing damage to drainage systems or building structure
  •  Causing Interference to your television, satellite or telephone lines.

We will only maintain trees located in tenants’ gardens if one or more of the above conditions apply. If none of the conditions apply then the tenant is responsible for maintaining the tree(s).

To report an issue with your tree please contact us  with the details.

Help With Maintaining Your Trees through the Tidy Garden scheme

If you live in a property we manage and have a tree that needs pruning, removing or maintaining we offer a tree maintenance service in conjunction with our grounds maintenance partner, Continental Landscapes.

How does the service work?

The service is carried out by a team of qualified tree surgeons. They will survey the affected tree(s) and provide a quote based on your requirements. The work is then charged to you and collected by Direct Debit over a maximum of two years.

How much does it cost?

The cost of employing a team of three qualified tree surgeons is calculated using an hourly rate and includes VAT. You will be provided with a quote before any work is carried out. Any work you agree to can be paid in full or in interest free monthly instalments.

To find out more and request a quote, visit our Tidy Garden Scheme page.

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