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formally request that Wolverhampton Homes considers my/our application for CCTV at our address. If Wolverhampton Homes agrees to my/our application, I/we agree to keep to the below conditions. I understand that Wolverhampton Homes may withdraw permission for personal CCTV use at any time and will do so if I do not keep to any of the below conditions.

I/we agree:

• To ensure that any camera I/we use is only directed at my/our own property which may include my/our home and any gardens which I/we have for my/our sole use. The camera may not capture any part of a public place or any private property owned or resided in by others. This applies even if the camera is not recording.

• That recording that takes place is solely used for the purposes of home security, i.e. The prevention or detection of crime, nuisance or anti-social behaviour on the property.

• That I/we are responsible for the usage of the camera. I understand that the City of Wolverhampton Council or Wolverhampton Homes will not be held responsible for inappropriate recording or for the malicious use of recorded material.

• To obtain all necessary permissions to carry out alteration work that may be necessary for the CCTV to be installed in line with the tenancy agreement.

• That I/we understand that malicious or inappropriate use of CCTV recordings, including distributing recordings of others without their permission, may be a criminal or civil offence and would be a breach of the tenancy agreement. I understand that I may be subject to criminal proceedings or tenancy enforcement action should any evidence of CCTV misuse be received by Wolverhampton Homes or the Police.

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