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Your tenancy agreement is a legal contract between you and the council. It lists your rights and responsibilities and you must read it carefully.

Introductory Tenancies+

We offer most new tenants an Introductory Tenancy. This is a one-year trial tenancy. It gives you most of the same rights as a secure council tenancy but you can be evicted much more easily. As long as you don't break your tenancy agreement while you are an introductory tenant, you will automatically become a secure tenant.

The other main differences as an Introductory Tenant are you do not have the right to:

  • Buy your home
  • Exchange your home
  • Take in lodgers
  • Carry out improvements (we will still do necessary repairs) 

Find out more in the full Introductory Tenancy Agreement available for download below:

Introductory tenancy agreement (from February 2017)

Secure Tenancies+

After your first year as an introductory tenant we will review your tenancy and if you are keeping to the conditions of your tenancy agreement you will become a secure tenant. The terms of the secure tenancy changed on the 16th of June 2014.

As a secure tenant your rights include the: 

  • Right to buy 
  • Right to make improvements
  • Right to mutual exchange
  • Right to succeed (pass on your tenancy in certain circumstances) 
  • Right to take in lodgers (as long as your property is not overcrowded and you have written permission from us) 
  • Right to repair 
  • Right to consultation

We can only evict you from your home if the court allows us to; this is normally due to missed rent payments or antisocial behaviour.

Your main responsibilities are to: 

  • Live in your property as your only or principal home 
  • Ensure your rent and other charges are paid on time 
  • Ensure you or your family and visitors do not create any nuisance or annoyance to your neighbours 
  • Report any repairs that are our responsibility 
  • Carry out repairs that are not our responsibility 
  • Keep your property clean and well decorated 
  • Keep your gardens clean, tidy and free from weeds and rubbish 
  • Keep any communal areas clean, tidy and free from obstruction 
  • Obtain written permission before you erect fences, outbuildings, TV aerials, satellite dishes or carry out improvements or alterations 
  • Inform us if you are going to be away for more than 4 weeks 
  • Be responsible for your own home contents insurance. 
  • Allow our employees and contractors access to carry out inspections or repairs and improvements

We want you to enjoy a long and successful tenancy and we will work with you to help you keep to these. If you have any concerns or require any support in relation to keeping to your tenancy conditions you should discuss this with us as soon as possible. Find out more in the full Secure Tenancy Agreement available for download below:

Secure tenancy agreement (from February 2017)

Demoted Tenancies +

If you are a secure tenant and cause anti-social behaviour we may apply to the court for a demotion order this ends the secure tenancy and replaces it with a demoted tenancy for 12 months. This means that you lose rights such as the right to buy your home or exchange your property.

Updating your Tenancy Records+

Adding a partner

If you want to add your partner to your tenancy, you will need to send us proof that they have been living with you for at least the last 12 months. The proof could be a gas or electricity bill or a bank statement. We also need proof of their identity such as a copy of their driver's licence or passport and their national insurance number.

If you have got married send us a copy of your marriage certificate.

If you are in rent arrears you will need to pay these first.

Changing your name

Send us a copy of your marriage certificate or deed poll and we will update it for you.

Adding a child to your tenancy record

If you've had a child, send us a copy of their birth certificate and we will update your tenancy records. (The child of a tenant cannot be made a joint tenant.) 


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