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We encourage you to decorate your home so that it is a nice place to live for you and your family. Before decorating your home, there are some conditions you need to know and follow.

If you want to make changes or improvements to your home you will need permission, please use our contact form giving full details.

If you have already made changes or improvements to your home and did not get permission please contact us for advice.  

Decoration +

You can paint or wallpaper your home at any time; however, textured wall paint or stipple finishes should not be applied to the walls or ceilings of your property.

For guidance on how to strip wall paper without causing damage to the plaster underneath, please visit our How To page.

If you would like help with your decorating, we offer an affordable decorating service. Visit the affordable decorating service webpage to arrange a no obligation quote.


Laminate flooring +

Wood or laminate flooring has become very popular but it has led to an increase in noise nuisance. Everyday noises such as walking around, moving furniture or children playing with toys can cause a disturbance, especially in flats.

For this reason, you will need permission before adding laminate flooring and we will not give permission for it to be added in flats on the first floor or above.

If permission is given for you to use laminate flooring, please do not glue the floor coverings down as they may get damaged if they need to be removed, such as to carry out repairs. Laminate flooring which clicks together is easier to fit and remove. It is also recommended that you follow the direction of the floor boards already in place.

Built in furniture +

Built in furniture may be affected by any repairs or improvement work we need to carry out.

Electrical fittings and gas appliances +

If you would like to request permission for electrical works or for a new gas installation, please contact us. We will contact you back with the relevant information. Please note that any electrical or gas works should always be carried out by a certified workman. You will also be expected to provide a copy of the relevant certificates to show that the works carried out comply with current regulations.

Structural or external alterations +

If you would like to request permission for structural or external alterations, including porches, verandas, sheds, walls and fences, please contact us. Please include as much detail as possible about the alterations you would like to make. You may also need to apply for Building Regulations and or Planning approval for this work. You must abide by all regulations and or specifications, and approved materials must be used when carrying out alterations to your property. For more information please see the Advice section at the bottom of this page.

Please note that if you are carrying out alterations, there may be asbestos in your home. Asbestos is safe if is not disturbed, but DIY such as drilling or sanding may release asbestos fibres. Please visit our asbestos webpage for more information.

Satellite dishes and TV aerials+

If you would like to request permission for a TV aerial or satellite dish, please contact us. If you live in a flat, please note that under normal circumstances we will not give consent for an aerial or dish where we have already installed a communal aerial to the block.

Security devices +

To request permission for a security device, such as an alarm, CCTV or a security light, please contact us. Consent will be given as long as the device is legally compliant and is not expected to cause a nuisance to neighbours.

Car parking +

If you would like to request permission for a drive or hardstanding, please contact us. If there isn’t already a dropped kerb in place, you will also need to apply to the council’s Highways team for one to be installed. You may also need permission from the council’s Planning department. The council can be contacted via email at or by phone on 01902 551155.

We may be able to help fund the cost of having a driveway installed. For more infromation, please read about our Driveway – buy in scheme.

Advice +

Before carrying out any repairs or changes to your home, it is important that you take note of the following advice:

It is a breach of tenancy to carry out alterations without our written permission. To request permission, please contact us

  • Any work done by you to your home is carried out at your own expense and shall incur no cost to Wolverhampton Homes.
  • You are responsible for any changes or installations to your property, including all future maintenance and repair.
  • Before you move out of your home, you may be asked to return the property to its original condition and at your own expense, minus fair wear and tear.
  • You must ensure that any changes made by you to your home do not hinder future repairs and maintenance by Wolverhampton Homes by restricting access to things such as pipework, electrical outlets and stop taps.
  • We may ask you to move or amend alterations for the purpose of carrying out repairs work. Any such amendments will be undertaken by you and at your own expense. If you fail to make reasonable adjustments within the proposed timescale, we reserve the right to carry out the work on your behalf and recharge you. We are unable to guarantee that the alteration or installation will be restored once the repair is complete.
  • For some requests we may ask you to submit plans, including timescales, of the work you would like to have done before we give consent.
  • Where consent is given for a repair or improvement, you must allow our staff reasonable access to inspect the work upon completion.
  • We may give you a timescale in which to complete certain works. After this time we will complete an inspection; any remedial work identified during the inspection should be undertaken by you and at your own expense. If you fail to complete the work to our specifications or within the proposed timescale, we reserve the right to carry out the work on your behalf and recharge you.
  • If you use a contractor, you must make sure that the contractor is fully qualified and holds the necessary certification before they carry out the work.
  • You and any contactors you use must abide by all current Building Regulations and requirements in force at the time. All materials used must conform to current European Standards and Specifications.
  • Please be careful of the potential presence of asbestos in your home. Before carrying out any DIY, repairs or alterations, you should contact us or employ a licensed (hazardous waste license) contractor to carry out an asbestos survey.
  • You must not paint the castings of gas appliances or electrical fittings. The paint may give off toxic fumes or even catch fire. If we are forced to replace any fixtures or fittings as a result of a breach of health and safety advice, we will recharge you for any costs incurred by ourselves.
  • When decorating, you must not use polystyrene tiles on walls or ceilings, or fit Decra-Lead or similar products on windows.
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