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This guide will help you, if you are thinking about ending your council tenancy managed by Wolverhampton Homes.

Deciding to move +

It’s a big decision to end a council tenancy. Do you really want to move?

We may be able to help you stay in your home if you are thinking about moving out because:

  • You need help with rent payments or debts
  • You’re having neighbour problems
  • You’re unhappy with your neighbourhood
  • Your home is too small or too big for you
  • You need help to look after your home

Before you decide, speak to your tenancy officer to find out how we can help.

How much notice should you give? +

You need to write to us, preferably by email, giving at least four weeks notice to end your tenancy.

Your notice letter must include:

  • The date
  • The address of the property you are leaving
  • The date you want the tenancy to end on (the Monday four weeks after we have received your letter)
  • Your new address

You can send your notice to us by email or our contact us form but you will need to attach it as a letter with your signature/s or you can download the termination form:

Termination Notice.pdf

During the notice period we may ask you to let a new tenant have a look at your home during this time. We will come with them so please don’t let anyone you don’t know into your home.

Who do you need to tell? +

You’ll need to remember to:

  • Book your removal van in advance, if you need one
  • Tell Council Tax and Housing Benefits the date you are leaving
  • Make sure you have your post re-directed by Royal Mail
  • Have your telephone, satellite or broadband services disconnected and, if needed, reconnected at your new address. Don’t forget to remove your satellite dish and equipment.
  • Give your gas and electricity suppliers (and water if you’re on a meter) your meter readings on the day you leave.

When you leave+

Your home should be empty, tidy and clean when you leave and your rent should be up to date. We will need to inspect the condition of your property before you move out. We will contact you to agree a date and time.

Unwanted furniture or electrical items:
If you have any furniture or electrical items that you no longer need CT Furniture will collect them free of charge and at a time convenient for you.

Gas and hard wired electrical appliances:
When you are removing any gas appliances (i.e. gas cookers), you must use a Gas Safe registered engineer to carry out the removal safely and in accordance with the current gas safety regulations. When removing any wired in electrical appliances you must use a qualified electrician.

We will need to recharge you if:

  • There’s any damage to the property
  • There are any items that need to be disposed of including carpets, laminate flooring or items left in sheds, lofts, outhouses, gardens.
  • Gardens and balconies are not left in a tidy and manageable condition. Please remember to remove all of your garden furniture and anything you may have added like sheds, ponds and patio areas. 
  • There are any missing fixtures and fittings.
  • Any cleaning is needed.
  • Your keys are not returned or are returned late - we need two keys for each lock including outhouses, sheds, windows, garages and meter cupboards.
  • Any non-authorised repairs are not returned to the original specification of your home.

To give you an idea of the cost, here are some of the charges:

Clearing your home and garden/balcony:

At least £65.22 (depending on the amount) 

Cleaning your home:

At least £67.50

Tidying your garden:

 £200 on average

Replacing an internal door:



Returning your keys+

You need to return your keys no later than 12 noon on the Monday when your tenancy ends. If you don’t, you will be charged an extra week’s rent.

You will need to return your keys to our Wednesfield shop or if the one stop shop is closed, you should post your keys through the letter box located next to the shop entrance in an envelope with the property address clearly marked on it.

What if someone else lives with you? +

You should tell them the date that you are leaving and that they will need to leave on the same day. This includes joint tenants, family, friends or lodgers.

If they want to apply for council housing they need to apply as soon as possible.

What happens if I owe any rent? +

If you owe us money due to unpaid rent, chargeable repairs or court costs, it is important that these debts are cleared before you leave as it could affect you when you apply to be re-housed in the future. If it is difficult for you to pay what you owe immediately, we can make an agreement about how these debts can be cleared.

What happens if I move out before the tenancy ends?+

If you move out before the tenancy ends, you must continue to pay the rent charge until the date the tenancy ends. Housing Benefit is only paid while you are living in the property.

What should I do if my relative dies and they were a council tenant?+

We will ask you to fill in a form to legally end the tenancy. This form will give four week’s notice to end the tenancy. The tenancy will continue until the four week’s notice period ends.

We will need to know:

  • the details of the tenant's next of kin (closest relative)
  • your address or the address of the person dealing with the tenant's affairs (if not you): and
  • the date the keys will be handed in

We will also need a copy of the death certificate.

If the tenant was receiving Housing Benefit, it will end on the date when the tenant died but the rent will be due until the end of the notice period. If there is any rent due, we will contact you after the tenancy has ended to request payment from the estate if there is one.


More help+

If you, or anyone living with you, needs help about this please contact us.

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