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Landlord incentive scheme

Find your next tenant easily and help people in the city with the greatest housing need.


The landlord incentive scheme will:
  • find you a tenant in housing need
  • aim to let your property within one week
  • cover you for any damage to the property and or rent arrears up to an agreed limit
  • offer housing support to your tenant for up to six weeks and help them with their benefit claims
  • provide you both with a direct line to our housing support team so that you and your tenant can contact us if you have any concerns
  • provide you with a direct line to the City of Wolverhampton Council’s landlord liaison team, who will answer any landlord questions you may have and provide some legal advice


Under special circumstances we may also:
  • pay the first month’s rent
  • give you a one-off bonus payment for renewing the tenancy after 12 months
  • pay your tenant find fee if you are using a letting agent


To qualify for the scheme, your property must be in Wolverhampton or the surrounding area. You will also need to provide:
  • a copy of your energy performance certificate (EPC)
  • a copy of your gas safety certificate
  • ‘how to rent’ document
  • a complete inventory
  • the tenancy agreement



Contact our housing options team


Rent deposit scheme

The rent deposit scheme offers help to homeless people who are looking to rent a home from a private landlord. The help provided comes in the form of a bond or guarantee, which replaces a deposit with the tenancy protection scheme. The bond or guarantee acts as a deposit to cover any rent arrears or damage up to the value of the bond.

We may also apply for cash deposits from the discretionary housing payments fund or from the homeless prevention fund to pay for rent in advance

To qualify for help, you must:

  • be homeless or threatened with homelessness
  • have a local connection to Wolverhampton
  • be unable to afford a rent deposit or rent in advance
  • be able to maintain a tenancy and willing to work with support agencies
  • agree to inform the scheme of any changes to your circumstances
  • agree to housing benefit being paid direct to your landlord or agent
  • be able to evidence that you are working to make positive changes if you have rent arrears or a history of anti-social behaviour


If you would like more information about the rent deposit scheme, please contact our housing options team.