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Parents and carers

As young people get older, they may start to think about moving out of the family home or parents and guardians may want their children to leave the home for different reasons. Parents and guardians of under-16-year-olds are legally responsible for making sure your child has somewhere safe to stay. Once a young person reaches 16, they can leave home, or you can ask them to move out. However, you are still legally responsible for your child until they reach 18.

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Further advice for parents

If you are struggling with a child or young person that lives with you, you may find the NHS’s advice for parents useful. It provides information about mental health in children, teenage behaviour and practical tips you can try.

Local help is available, check out the council's website for more.

How we can help

If you have a child who you are thinking of asking to leave or if your child wants to leave home, we can help. Wolverhampton Homes along with City of Wolverhampton Council can help you if you are thinking about asking your child to leave or have concerns around them leaving the home.

We will work with you and Children’s Services to offer the best options for your family and your situation. You can contact us.

We will always expect to speak to the parent or carer about why the young person cannot stay at home and talk about whether we could offer any help to keep the young person at home.

We may refer you to mediation, which is where a third party helps people to talk through issues and work toward finding a way forward.

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